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Santa Clarita Hotel Accident Attorney

Hotel Accident Injury Lawyer Santa Clarita

Hotels attract guests from all over the world. Charging $80 up to $500 per night, hotels use their amenities and room cleanliness to keep guests coming year-round. When accidents happen on hotel grounds, a significant premises liability issue arises. Whether it’s an elevator malfunction or poolside slip and fall incident, serious injuries can happen even at four-star hotels. Some injuries even lead to death.

Guests who, by no fault of their own, were injured on hotel grounds can seek compensation for injuries sustained. Retaining a Santa Clarita hotel accident attorney will not only help when litigating your case, but they can also significantly increase the compensation you receive. Compass Law Group, PC offers unparalleled representation from attorneys who frequently stay in hotels themselves.

How Hotel Negligence Happens

Most hotels have maintenance departments responsible for the grounds, mechanical efficacy and structural integrity of the property. Generally, when something breaks down or is reported unsafe, a trained maintenance technician will address the issue. Sometimes, departments lack either skilled workers or aren’t present every day.

Should problems remain unaddressed, guests are put in immediate danger. For example, there are numerous documented incidents where:

  • A hotel patron slipped on wet stairs that weren’t properly notated as ‘potentially hazardous’;
  • A young child drowned because they entered a pool area that was supposed to be closed off;
  • Another hotel guest received massive skin burns because the hot water heater’s temperature was set too high and cold water didn’t work;
  • Hotel patron fell sideways holding a handrail erected to assure their safety.

These and many other documented incidents where hotel owners were simply too negligent to care about spending money to fix their premises exist. Injured patrons trust our hotel accident lawyer to get results, and many times our attorneys overdeliver.

You have the right to feel safe after paying good money to stay at small or major hotel chains. Once your safety is breached, an act of negligence is born, which immediately springs Compass Law Group, PC into action.

Holding Hotels Accountable Is Our Duty

Some smaller hotels try to bribe injured patrons with free hotel stays, and insignificant cash payments. Major hotel chains find ways to pin accountability on their guests – even charging patron credit cards for damages they caused. It’s happened before, but law firms like ours are wise to these antics. You should never have to pay for injuries a hotel caused, period.

Injuries on hotel grounds are premises liability issues. Our Santa Clarita hotel accident attorney specializes in hotel injury claims. Victims who properly reported their accident but were shunned for doing so should immediately contact our office. We charge nothing for our consultation, cases such as hotel injury claims are litigated on a contingency basis.

Hotels today cost a nice chunk of change to stay at. There’s no reason why you should feel unsafe about staying at one. When an injury occurs on hotel grounds or in your room, and the injury was a direct result of negligent actions, don’t hesitate to contact Compass Law Group, PC.

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