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Santa Clarita Power Tool Accident Attorney

Power Tool Accident Injury Lawyer Santa Clarita

Without power tools, many construction products would drag on for months. Speed, reliability, and torque are all important components of battery-powered drills, miter saws, framing tools, and staplers. When power tools fail or are defective out-of-box, serious injuries or death could occur. Compass Law Group, PC works closely with victims of power tool accidents to assure either manufacturer or construction site owners are held accountable for these injuries.

Roughly 400,000 power tool-related injuries happen across America annually. Nail guns, table saws, you name it: emergency rooms are filled with innocent workers injured by tools they’ve trusted for years. Our firm will assign clients a knowledgeable Santa Clarita power tool accident attorney to these cases, and seek the maximum compensation available based on injury and loss of income.

Defects or Negligence, Power Tools Can Injure

California, like most states, has rules regarding safe product distribution. Power tools aren’t exempt from laws. Any power tool entering our retail establishments must be free of defect and clearly dictate how one should use these tools safely. Design defects, failure to put warning labels on tools and manufacturing defects are aggravating circumstances when litigating power tool injury claims.

Injuries due to negligence happen in several scenarios. Rental companies who provide tools must indemnify that using tools from their store will be free of defects or maintenance flaws. So, when an independent contractor rents an impact wrench, it should operate without causing harm when used safely according to instructions. Should the contractor get injured, the liability falls on the rental store.

Construction sites are another breeding ground for negligent power tool injuries. Managers who send employees into work areas to use power tools without proper training are liable should the employee injure themselves. Same goes with managers or site owners who fail to ‘lockout’ tools with known issues; when an injury occurs, a claim of willful negligence would pass ‘reasonable doubt’ tests.

Compass Law Group, PC fights for victims of power tool accidents regardless of where they happened. Homeowners who rent or buy power tools, then get injured, are also represented by our firm because an injury occurred, and someone was negligent in making sure products were prepared for use.

Our Firm Settles Tool Accident Claims

Tool injuries cause hard-working people to lose income. Medical bills begin piling higher than most can handle. Indeed, a cordless drill can throw an entire household into economic pandemonium. But you’re not alone with an aggressive power tool accident attorney working diligently on your case.

Nobody should work with defective power tools. Not only will work take longer to complete, but serious injuries can also occur without warning. Even reading instructions and operating tools per manufacturer’s suggested method doesn’t mean you’ll avoid injury. Homeowners, contractors, and employees can bring action against negligent parties.

The Compass Law Group, PC takes many types of personal injury cases where negligence or defect are aggravating factors in your claim. If you’ve been injured and aren’t aware of your rights, contact our firm for an initial case evaluation free of charge.

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