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The products you buy, the medicines you use, and the cars you drive are all assumed to be safe when you buy them, but that’s not always the cost. Product liability cases attest to the fact that dangerous products make their way onto today’s market all the time. From toys that test positive to lead to medical products that fail to perform as promised, any product can be dangerous under the right circumstances. From its design to its marketing, a product that seems innocuous enough can end up causing serious injuries. Compass Law Group has a history of helping consumers harmed by dangerous products. Our product liability attorney can help if you have experienced an injury due to using a faulty or dangerous product, holding the manufacturer, distributor or even the seller to account for your damages.

Types of Dangerous Products

Dangerous products are ones that have a high risk of injury to those who use the product. Product liability lawsuits make up the majority of personal injury claims each year, due to a large amount of consumers who are injured from using dangerous products. Sometimes products are dangerous due to manufacturing errors, or even shipping errors; other times, the consumer or another person is at fault due to tampering with the products’ design, thereby making it dangerous, such as altering a vehicle’s engine or adding a motor to a scooter or bicycle.

Some types of dangerous products might include:

  • Items with sharp edges or blades, especially if the edges are difficult to see
  • Defective products that are in circulation among the general public, such as defective car seats
  • Items that produce or use high levels of heat, electricity voltage, or traveling speeds
  • Products that are tainted with poisonous or toxic substances, such as toys or paint containing lead
  • Tainted or expired food items, such as bagged salad that has tested positive for E.coli
  • Food items comprised of harmful ingredients, such as energy drinks containing DMAA
  • Restricted or illegal items, such as drugs, firearms, or explosives

Who is Liable for Dangerous Products?

It’s not always easy determining who is responsible for a product liability case. A product that started out safe might become faulty or dangerous if someone tampers with its design. For instance, if your pet rodent has been gnawing away at the cord to an electrical device, the risk of electrical shock and even death increases.

An experienced Santa Clarita product liability attorney can help you with your case and determine who the responsible party is if you or a loved one have been injured due to a dangerous product.

Filing a Claim

The first step in being made whole following an injury due to a dangerous product is to file a personal injury claim. Our Santa Clarita product liability attorney is well-versed in product liability law and can help you navigate the complicated legal system and hold the person or company responsible for your injuries accountable for medical bills, lost wages and more. Contact us as soon as possible, since California law prohibits filing a claim once the statute of limitations has passed—which is two years. Contact us now for a free consultation and case review to determine your best legal options.

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