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Santa Clarita Spine Injury Attorney

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Santa Clarita

There are many ways acts of negligence can cause spinal cord injuries. Premises liabilities such as slips and falls are most common, although many more incidents occur during motorcycle accidents, workplace injuries and possibly medical malpractice. Whatever caused your injury is inexcusable; it shouldn’t have happened, and you want the negligent party held financially responsible.

Practicing law for many years while getting millions in settlements is Compass Law Group, PC an experienced firm skilled at spine injury litigation. Featuring a hard-working Santa Clarita spine injury attorney with countless hours of courtroom litigation and compensation negotiation, cases involving serious spinal cord injuries get the professional attention they deserve. Because the spinal cord is one of the more sensitive areas of our human anatomy, we work extra hard to get medical bills paid along with future job loss compensation.

Numerous Ways Spine Injuries Occur

People reckless in their operation of motor vehicles, or property owners who simply don’t maintain their premises, are often the culprits our firm goes after. Some of the venues where spine injuries happen include:

  • Vehicle/motorcycle accidents: Accidents at higher rates of speed can eject passengers or knock them from their motorcycles. It’s the responsibility of drivers to safely pass other vehicles using the roadway, but when they don’t, spinal injuries can occur which may include paralysis.
  • Medical malpractice: Surgeons that accidentally leave tools inside human bodies, or make an incorrect incision, run the risk of severing nerves and tendons around the spinal area. Our Santa Clarita spine injury attorney investigates medical negligence claims and will hold surgeons, hospitals and all other parties accountable.
  • Household accidents: Accidents that happen on another person’s premises, or defective products that cause serious injury, are also actionable. Homeowners are responsible for the people that come into their homes, and manufacturers are responsible for the products you use.
  • Slip and falls: The most popular method of sustaining spine injuries is a slip and falls. Wet floors or poorly constructed stairs can easily cause people to take a tumble and land on their backs, causing herniated discs or other spinal issues.

A good portion of spine injuries can end up paralyzing victims. Once innocent people become permanently immobilized, the amount of compensation necessary to make these victims whole substantially increases. Compass Law Group, PC works hard to get this compensation without a lengthy court battle.

Injured Spines Require Serious Litigants

Our firm offers a tough approach to spinal injury litigation. While it’s easy to pin the blame on the victim, we make sure insurance companies or property owners are held to the highest legal standard of punishment, which includes compensating victims for complete losses.

Trusting the Santa Clarita spine injury attorney known for recovering millions for victims like you means you’ll have a powerful team of personal injury attorneys on your side. We do not charge fees until spinal injury cases are closed successfully. This means should we fail, claimants owe nothing to Compass Law Group, PC.

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