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Santa Clarita Wet Floor Accident Attorney

Wet Floor Injury Lawyer Santa Clarita

Floors and restaurants and shopping malls should be kept reasonably clean and free of excess clutter. This means janitorial staff, perhaps restaurant workers, may need to sweep and mop floors several times a day to maintain premises cleanliness. Several times a month, floors may need to be waxed. Mopping and waxing seem like normal activities until someone gets hurt slipping on wet floors without signage.

As experts in personal injury law, Compass Law Group, PC knows that many premises accidents are avoidable with a little extra caution. However, slipping on a wet floor that should’ve been properly marked, and getting seriously injured, is when our Santa Clarita wet floor accident attorney intervenes on behalf of clients bring claims to his attention. Wet floors can cause serious life-altering accidents, some landing people in the hospital is comatose, even partially brain-dead.

Restaurants Are Major Wet Floor Locations

Most restaurants, specifically fast-food chains, have wet floors almost every hour it seems. High-traffic areas are known for making tile floors dirty quick, which means workers must stay on top of its cleanliness. Folding signs are used after yours are mopped to ensure people are aware the surface maybe wet. When signs aren’t put down, it’s hard to distinguish whether the floor is really clean, or really wet.

Once a patron slips and falls, some type of injury is imminent especially if they’re tall or have extra weight, such as a backpack. Because signage was not properly displayed telling everyone a wet surface existed, a premises liability issue is born. The injured person may be offered free food, or the worker would be quick to put up a sign to discredit their claim, but there’s always the ‘eye in the sky’ to rely on when litigating injury cases like this.

While restaurants are common for wet floor violations, box stores such as Walmart have numerous documented claims of slip and fall accidents due to wet floors. Bowling alleys, taverns, shopping malls, even hotels with linoleum or tiled surfaces that require mopping can be breeding grounds for slip and fall injuries.

Compass Law Group, PC has tremendous success litigating injury claims involving wet floors that were improperly barricaded or lacked caution signs.

Don’t Fall For Insurer’s Gimmicks

Unless the store manager or owner themselves extend an offer to compensate your injuries, an insurance company may approach you to offer what they feel is ‘worthy’ given the circumstances. Since our approach to personal injury claims is hard-hitting, you’ll want to reject any offer given. A case worth substantial amounts could be reduced to pennies fall for insurer or property owner’s gimmicks.

Wet floors can really do damage to people, even despite their best efforts to avoid falling. Walking to the counter ordering food could actually cost people time off work. Our Santa Clarita wet floor accident attorney can recover much more than individuals could if they approached property owners or insurance companies themselves.

Compass Law Group, PC wants to hear from injured victims who sustained their unnecessary fall on a wet surface. Consultations are free.

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