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Torrance Bus Accident Attorney

Mass Transit Accident Lawyer Torrance

If you regularly, or even just occasionally avail of the fantastic public transport network implemented across California – including the Amtrak and Greyhound services – you will know how much more convenient these can be when compared to driving yourself around Torrance and beyond. Instead of having to concentrate on the road and navigate sometimes incredibly heavy traffic, you can spend your commute watching the world go by outside the window, reading your latest book, or catching up on your TV shows on a mobile device. All those, plus you are doing your bit to save the environment, through refusing to add to the traffic on the roads.

Did you know that, when you use any public transport system in Torrance or elsewhere in the state of California, the driver has a duty of care to deliver you and your fellow passengers safely to your destination? If you are involved in a bus accident where this duty was breached, you could be entitled to claim compensation in respect of your injuries, with the legal guidance and support of a Torrance bus accident attorney.

Compass Law Group, PC attorneys can offer outstanding legal representation to victims of commuter bus accidents, and those who have sustained injuries and other damages while traveling on school buses and private buses.

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How Many Bus Accidents Happen in Torrance, California?

Approximately 12% of all traffic accidents in the United States involve a bus, whether that is a commuter service, school bus, or private bus. While that may not seem like a significant proportion, delving a little deeper into the statistics reveal just how much damage bus accidents in Torrance and beyond can do.

According to figures published by the Bureau of Traffic Statistics, approximately 69,000 bus accidents were reported nationwide in 2014, with 2015 statistics including the following:

  • 257 fatal bus accidents, incorporating those which occurred across the United States as a whole
  • 49 bus passenger deaths resulting from these collisions
  • A total of 295 bus accident fatalities
  • 14,000 injuries resulting from bus accidents in Torrance and beyond
  • 53,000 bus accidents where no injuries were caused, but the property was damaged

As you can see from these figures, it is not too improbable that either you or a loved one will be injured in a bus accident at some point in your lives. When this does happen, a bus crash lawyer can provide the expert legal representation required to secure maximum compensation on your behalf, as well as the guidance and support you need when navigating the complexities of the California legal system.

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When you, or a loved one, have been injured in a bus accident, the last thing you need is to shoulder the burden of fighting a legal battle, on top of the physical and emotional trauma you have already suffered. Instructing a Torrance bus accident attorney from Compass Law Group, PC puts your case in the safest hands and leaves you free to concentrate on what is important – recovering from your injuries and resuming your usual activities.

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