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One of those sections, the cervical spine, is comprised of your first seven vertebrae, which are labeled C1-C7. When these seven vertebrae take massive impact, the chances of paralysis increase drastically.

Human beings have skeletal compositions divided into several unique parts.

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Los Angeles Cervical Injury Attorney
If you’ve been seriously injured regardless how it happened, seek medical attention then contact Los Angeles cervical injury attorneys who understand catastrophic injuries to one’s neck may create lifelong issues which merit significant compensation.
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Injured Breadwinners Affect Families

When massive car collisions injury breadwinners, nobody wins. Families are left to their own devices while men and women recover from major cervical injuries. Short-term disability only covers small expenses, meaning life savings are often drained to pay mortgages and so forth.


Compass Law Group, PC, an aggressive yet caring firm that litigates cervical injuries fairly often, knows that victims need compensation rather quickly, given the fact most insurance companies have coverage limits and deductibles to pay before being usable. From your initial claim to the check being written, our office staff works hard to put together an undoubtedly strong case against the perpetrator of your cervical accident.

Most common causes of cervical injuries include:

  • Forceful ejection from a vehicle during the commission of a collision. This can cause cervical injuries along with instant paralysis, even death.
  • An unavoidable workplace injury which knocked the victim down hard enough, and with enough force, to seven vertebrae.
  • Motorcycle accidents are perhaps the largest source of cervical injuries our law firm handles, regardless if helmets were present or not.
  • Premises accidents such as pool diving accidents, the wet floor falls and ceiling in apartments giving way are also typical causes of massive cervical injury.

Los Angeles cervical injury attorneys at Compass Law Group gather all facts surrounding your cervical trauma, knowing that many serious neck injuries could be labeled ‘catastrophic’.

Identifying Symptoms, And Next Steps

Many professionals know mental health could be seriously affected by cervical trauma, much like any other physical injury. However, if you’re not immediately feeling the effects of your accident, look for these symptoms:

  • Limbs have a strong tingling sensation, or cannot be felt.
  • Speech is uncharacteristically slurred, or the ability to speak fades over time.
  • Bladder and bowel movements seem to be happening on their own.
  • Breathing is labored, meaning you must give the effort to exhale and inhale.

These are common cervical injury symptoms, although most serious injuries tend to be immediately on impact.

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If you or your loved one have endured cervical injury due to the negligence of another, there are steps to take.

  • First, make sure you’re seeking medical care to address cervical issues.
  • Next, contact our office to begin the process of investigating your claim.
  • Finally, retain our services to get the greatest possible settlement for your injuries.

Because it takes skilled Los Angeles cervical injury attorneys to secure the compensation you’re rightfully owed, you can trust Compass Law Group, PC will get the job done, or you pay nothing.

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