FedEx Accidents

Accidents caused by FedEx delivery trucks are more prevalent than most people realize. At Compass Law Group, LLP in Los Angeles, defending the rights of those who have incurred serious injuries in such accidents is an important part of our job. If you have suffered significant harm as a result of a collision with a FedEx truck anywhere in California, you may need an experienced FedEx Accident Lawyer. Contact us for powerful legal representation and earnest concern with your well-being and compensation.

Being badly hurt in a FedEx accident is overwhelming  — physically, emotionally, and financially. As those medical bills pile up and your income is interrupted, it should give you some solace that our attorneys work on a contingency basis, never charging you attorneys’ fees until we win you damages.

Why Turn to Compass Law Group, LLP for a FedEx Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered significant harm as a result of a collision with a FedEx truck anywhere in California, contact us for powerful legal representation and earnest concern with your well-being and compensation.

Common Causes of FedEx Truck Accidents

FedEx truck in California.

FedEx, like other delivery companies, is legally tasked with using appropriate care in hiring, training, and supervising its drivers in order to provide maximum public safety. Though some accidents are caused by poorly maintained roads or adverse weather conditions, FedEx and/or its drivers are liable in most cases as described below. Nonetheless, if a third party is at fault for your injury, we will sue that person or entity (e.g. driver of another vehicle, road maintenance agency) directly.

When can my FedEx accident lawyer sue the company?

In order to obtain compensation for your injuries, your FedEx accident lawyer may determine that the company is responsible because it:

  • Failed to vet its driver for previous traffic violations or criminal convictions
  • Failed to supervise proper loading of cargo onto the truck to keep it safely balanced
  • Failed to train the driver to safely maneuver when at the wheel of the truck
  • Failed to inspect and provide necessary repairs for the truck

Many FedEx accidents are due to a lack of training and/or experience of the driver.

When can we sue both the company and the driver?

FedEx truck parked in parking lot.

More frequently, however, driver error is to blame. Even in these cases, however, the FedEx company may be held accountable under the legal principle of “vicarious liability.” This legal theory holds an employer liable for its employees’ negligent actions, as long as the employees were working within the scope of their employment at the time of the accident. 

Common driver errors that may be the cause of FedEx accidents include:

  • Failure to set the truck’s parking brakes when making a delivery
  • Failure to yield when merging back into traffic after making a delivery
  • Backing up the FedEx truck after mistakenly passing the desired delivery address
  • Failure to obey traffic laws or driving recklessly
  • Driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Failure to do routine safety checks on the truck
  • Failure to have the truck repaired in a timely manner

Because FedEx drivers spend long hours driving, they are more likely to succumb to fatigue or sleepiness or to take stimulants to stay alert that may impair their faculties than average drivers. They are also more likely than other drivers to eat, drink, or make personal phone calls while driving. Because they are navigating using GPS and keeping in touch with their office by calls or texts, and constantly looking for the addresses they are delivering to, they are more prone to drive while distracted than other drivers.

Injuries Sustained by Victims of FedEx Accidents

Elder woman examining foot x-rays with her doctor after FedEx truck accident.

It stands to reason that if you have the misfortune to be involved in a collision with a FedEx truck while driving a car, you will bear the brunt of the crash. The size and weight of the truck compared to your much smaller vehicle puts you at a distinct disadvantage, both in terms of property damage and personal injury.

In addition to damage or loss of their cars, too many FedEx accident victims suffer injuries like:

Of course, pedestrian victims of FedEx accidents are likely to suffer even more catastrophic, or even fatal injuries because of their extreme vulnerability. No matter what type of injury you have sustained, Compass Law Group will advocate on your behalf, tackling FedEx and its powerful law team to ensure that you receive fair treatment.

Compass Law Group Will Fight Hard to Win Maximum Damages

The damages we seek at trial will differ according to your particular circumstances but will include such things as:

  • Medical and rehabilitation costs
  • Property damage
  • Lost income, present and future
  • Property damage or loss
  • Replacement services 
  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological counseling
  • Permanent disability
  • Extended nursing care
  • Alterations to your home to make it accessible
  • Permanent scarring or other disfigurements
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

If you and your family have suffered the anguish of losing a loved one to wrongful death in a FedEx accident, we will seek restitution for final medical costs, funeral costs, and loss of financial and emotional support.

Contact Compass Law Group to Get Going in the Right Direction

Our attorneys know just how traumatic a FedEx accident injury can be and are prepared to help you heal in any way we can. When you contact us, you will have the reassurance you need to relax and recover from the jarring experience you have just been through. We will put all our focus on winning you the most compensation possible so that you can feel secure in a more hopeful future.

Contact our skilled Los Angeles FedEx accident lawyer today for a free initial consultation.

This list isn’t all-inclusive many personal injury suits have been raised based on different factors that aren’t included above. Our team of Los Angeles car accident attorneys can work on cases without anything out of pocket.

We’re old enough to have the necessary experience, yet young enough to use the most cutting-edge technology and tactics, and are determined enough to fight and outsmart the other side, every time.

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