Loss of a Limb From an Uber Accident

Not only has Uber travel contributed to the heavy traffic on Los Angeles roadways; it has also contributed to the number of serious accidents. There are few car accidents more serious than those resulting in the loss of a limb. At Compass Law Group, LLP many of our clients have been victims of Uber accidents. We are proud of our track record of successful outcomes for those who have suffered devastating, life-altering injuries, like the loss of limb, in an Uber accident.

Los Angeles is known for its heavily congested streets and highways, and rideshare services like Uber have made the situation worse. One especially disturbing fact is that 50 percent of Uber riders are not using Uber rides instead of driving their own cars. Rather, they are using Uber instead of public transportation. This means that Ubers indeed bloat the already overcrowded streets of Los Angeles, leading to more accidents and more injuries.

If you have suffered the catastrophic loss of a limb in an Uber accident, either as a passenger, a driver, a pedestrian, or an Uber driver, the sooner you contact us, the sooner we will be able to begin working on your claim. And we will never charge you any attorneys’ fees until we recover damages.

What Makes Loss of a Limb High on the List of Worst Injuries

There is a reason the expression “I would give my right arm for..” connotes gravity of intent; there are few, if any, body parts that are more indispensable. Whether an individual loses an arm or a leg, the crippling effect is immense. 

If you have lost your ability to wrap your loved one in your arms, hold your baby, walk without an artificial leg, or perform any of the myriad work and recreational actions the rest of us take for granted — our Uber accident attorneys believe you deserve substantial compensation for the permanent disability and disfigurement you have endured.

Reasons Uber Accidents May Happen More Frequently 

When such a disabling injury is the result of an Uber accident, you may feel even more aggrieved, knowing that Uber accidents may be more likely than other collisions because:

  • Uber is relatively lax about vetting its drivers
  • Uber drivers are not specially trained by the company
  • Uber drivers may work extremely long hours in an effort to earn enough money 
  • Uber drivers often work at more than one job

For these reasons, Uber drivers may be young and inexperienced, and not especially capable drivers. Besides that, they are likely to be more exhausted than the average motorist because they spend so much time driving to unfamiliar places. They may also be more distracted because they must carefully monitor GPS instructions, as well as communications with dispatchers.

No amount of convenience offered by Uber  — not the almost immediate response time, not the ability to pay for the ride automatically, not even the increased likelihood that the car will be cleaner and the driver more affable than in most taxis — is worth an accident that deprives you or a loved one of a major appendage.

Nonetheless, we realize that Uber drivers are not always at fault for the accidents in which they are involved, and may sustain just as terrible injuries as other drivers. If you are an Uber driver who has lost a limb in a terrible collision, Compass Law Group is just as committed to preserving your rights as those of anyone else.

How Compass Law Group Can You Recover Damages in a Loss of Limb Case Involving an Uber Accident

Let’s face it — Uber is a large corporation with high-power attorneys. This is why it is crucial that you have the excellent legal advocacy our highly rated Uber accident attorneys provide. Simon Esfandi, Esq. and Joseph Shirazi, Esq., our principal attorneys, both have outstanding credentials and well-earned reputations for effective, compassionate service. 

If you have suffered the loss of a limb in an Uber accident, we understand the extreme trauma you and your family are dealing with and will do everything in our power to protect your rights and recover the damages you need to restructure your life, including:

  • Medical, rehabilitative, and prosthetic expenses
  • Lost income and lost earning power
  • Alterations to make your home accessible
  • Nursing care and/or replacement services 
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

You should be aware that the 2020 changes to rideshare law in California have reclassified

Uber drivers as employees of the company rather than independent contractors. This change may not only improve conditions for Uber drivers but may positively impact Uber’s accountability for its drivers’ negligence. 

Who May Be Responsible for Your Loss of Limb in an Uber Accident

Liability in a serious Uber accident varies according to a number of circumstances and may fall to more than one party. The responsible party may be one or more of the following:

  • The Uber driver or another driver for reckless driving, distraction or impairment
  • The Uber company for negligence in vetting the driver — (Uber carries $1 million insurance policies for each driver while that driver is “on the app”)
  • A government agency that failed in its duty to maintain the road
  • A car manufacturer that sold a defective product

Because California adheres to the principle of pure comparative negligence, even if you bear some portion of responsibility for the Uber accident, for example as an inebriated pedestrian or the driver of another car making an illegal turn, you are still entitled to damages for your severe injury. 

There will, however, be a difference in the percentage of damages you receive. The court will assign each responsible party a percentage of damages and you will lose your percentage of blame in the settlement. If the court awards you $1 million, for instance, but finds you 20 percent at fault, you will actually receive a check for $800,000.

Contact Our Experienced Uber Accident Attorneys Promptly

Getting in touch with Compass Law Group today will help you provide a secure tomorrow for yourself and your family. We know how overwhelmed you are now with physical, emotional, and financial distress. Take a breath and give us a call. We will do everything we can to get back on an even keel. 

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