Moving Truck Accident

Moving truck filled with boxes in a driveway.

If you are driving your car and are involved in an accident with a moving truck, you are likely to be seriously injured since the truck is a great many times the size of your vehicle. If you collide with a moving truck while you are riding a motorcycle or bicycle or are a pedestrian, your risk of severe injury or wrongful death is even greater. If you have been seriously injured in an accident with a moving van, you need the right moving truck accident lawyer.

You are no doubt overwhelmed by physical and emotional trauma and in no shape to handle the legal proceedings that naturally follow your need for urgent medical care. If your accident has taken place in California, Compass Law Group, LLP, a premium personal injury practice, is here to help.

Our lead attorneys, Simon Estandi, Esq. and Joseph Shirazi, Esq. have both been named as Top 40 Under 40 by National Trial Lawyers, evidence of their outstanding litigation skills as well as their fine reputation on a national scale. Both are steeped legal knowledge on both state and federal levels, and both are fully committed to winning you the damages you deserve. If another party’s negligence is to blame for your accident, you are entitled to compensation for your medical costs and other related expenses.

What makes moving truck accidents complicated?

As with other commercial vehicle accidents, collisions with moving trucks are fraught with complications that will make you glad you have hired Compass Law Group to represent you.

Why Compass Law Group Is a Wise Choice

Moving truck filled with home furniture and decorations on the side of a street.

Moving truck accidents tend to be more difficult to handle than car accidents because of the sight and weight differential of the vehicles involved, and because your adversary is likely to be a large moving corporation. Nonetheless, Compass Law Group is well-prepared to defend your right to just compensation. Our team has a track record of success and the clout and determination to level the playing field.

From the moment we take you on as a client, we will work tirelessly to win you the damages you need to regain your footing. Because we are well aware of the economic burden placed on you by your inability to work and your high medical costs, we will provide you with a free initial consultation and never charge you attorneys’ fees until we win your case. We are also an inclusive law firm and want all of our clients to feel comfortable working with us. To this end, we are fluent in Spanish and Farsi.

Determining liability in a moving truck accident may not be easy.

Person walking by with a cart filled with moving boxes.

We will help you determine whether we should be filing a lawsuit against the driver’s insurance company, the moving company’s insurance company, the rental agency (such as U-Haul), the manufacturer, the repair service that last worked on the truck, or the government agency responsible for the road surface.

Circumstances such as whether the driver was actively working for the moving company (“within the scope of employment”) at the time of the accident, whether the brakes on the moving truck were defective when new or damaged by faulty repair, or whether the underlying cause of the accident was a large, unmarked pothole in the pavement — may come into play. In some instances, Compass Law Group will help you to file a lawsuit against more than one defendant.

Reasons Moving Truck Drivers May Be Prone to Accidents

Because of the service moving vans provide, they often travel longer distances than other vehicles and drivers may be especially fatigued, sleepy or distracted. This occurs even though there are federal and state laws regulating the hours truck drivers may work without a break.  Also, because moving trucks are filled with furniture and other objects of random shapes, not regularly boxed merchandise, it is easier for their loads to become unbalanced if the driver finds it necessary to make a sharp turn or sudden stop.

In addition to the fact that a moving van is a cumbersome vehicle to drive at best, drivers of such vehicles are often maneuvering on unfamiliar roads and under the directions of GPS. They often cross-city or state lines and run the risk of breaking laws that differ from one place to another.

Moving Trucks May Cause You Harm in Atypical Ways

Moving truck driving on a road.

Similarly, moving trucks sometimes stop in places convenient for their unloading, but dangerous to others on the road. They may accidentally drop heavy beds or appliances, or such objects may obscure their view even as they walk. It is not unheard of for movers to bang into fences, mailboxes, small vehicles, or pedestrians under such circumstances. In some circumstances, large objects fall off moving vans while they are traveling, resulting in serious accidents.

Even by placing a heavy object on the road temporarily, a mover may contribute to a traffic accident. Though moving trucks, like other large vehicles with limited rear vision, have flashers and sound signals when they are backing up; nevertheless they sometimes hit smaller vehicles or pedestrians.

What Compass Law Group Will Do To Help Win You the Compensation You Deserve

Our team of capable attorneys will:

  • Communicate with opposing attorneys and insurance adjusters
  • Investigate the site of your accident
  • Examine police records and medical reports
  • Work to uncover any past negligence on the part of the driver, moving or rental company
  • Interview any witnesses
  • Consult with necessary experts (medical or otherwise) who may testify on your behalf
  • Keep you apprised of developments in your case
  • Using our skill set to fight for you in and out of the courtroom

Damages We Will Fight Hard to Win for You and Your Family

Whether you have suffered a bone fracture requiring surgery and months of recuperation, a spinal cord injury that has resulted in permanent paralysis, a neck or back injury that has left you with chronic pain, or a loss of vision, you can count on Compass Law Group to stick with you every step of the way.

We will work hard and long to assist you in obtaining every dollar you are entitled to for:

  • Medical and rehabilitation costs
  • Lost income, present and future
  • Property damage or loss
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability
  • Extended nursing care
  • Loss of household services
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

If you have suffered the tragedy of losing a loved one in an accident with a moving truck, we will fight to see to it that you are reimbursed for final medical costs, funeral expenses, and loss of financial support.

Contact our experienced moving truck accident attorneys today to schedule your free initial consultation.

This list isn’t all-inclusive many personal injury suits have been raised based on different factors that aren’t included above. Our team of Los Angeles truck accident attorneys can work on cases without anything out of pocket.

We’re old enough to have the necessary experience, yet young enough to use the most cutting-edge technology and tactics, and are determined enough to fight and outsmart the other side, every time.

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