Fire-Related Accidents

Nothing compares to excruciating pains stemming from burns. Explosions, structure fires, even gas tanks bursting into flames often disfigure victims, requiring skin grafting and similar treatments to restore appearance back to semi-normal conditions. Compass Law Group, LLP’s fire-related accident attorney approaches fire-related accidents with care and caution, knowing the last thing burn victims need is mounting stress of answering questions or medical bills which spiral out of control.

Hole in wall opening to outside while on fire.

Los Angeles Fire Related Accident Attorney

Each Los Angeles fire-related accident attorney from our firm knows filing claims may take some time, and work hard to get every penny you deserve.

Investigating, Then Defending, Fire Claims

From something simple as carelessness with cigarettes to machines igniting flammable materials, fires are unique in how and why they formed. Each incident takes an aggressive approach in gather facts, too, because many witnesses can be unreachable beyond the first day following the fire.

Across the United States in 2015, 1.34 million fires were reported to the USFA (U.S. Fire Administration). Of all reported nonresidential fires, 29.5% were cooking related incidents with only 10.4% deemed unintentionally set or carelessly set. But cooking fires and those caused by human negligence aren’t the only ones which caused injury.

Person's finger pressing a fire alarm.

20.9% of vehicle fires stem from equipment failures, while 43.1% of outside fires were caused unintentionally. All told, 22.9% of all fires were non-residential, otherwise classified as business or uninhabitable.

Most common reasons non-residential fires occur include:

  • Landlords haven’t updated wiring to conform with local code, and an unexpected surge causes a structural fire.
  • Grease fires in restaurants without proper extinguishing materials like Ansul.
  • Manufacturers who accident mix chemicals that, when put in contact with each other, explode.
  • Faulty vehicle components which cause an unexpected explosion.

By calling a Los Angeles fire-related accidents attorney from Compass Law Group, LLP, claimants put decades of experience investigating fires in their corner. With evidence from fire investigators and even local CCTV cameras, we can determine fault and see if accelerants were deliberately set. Even wildfires which destroyed your home have a basis for filing claims, which our premises liability attorneys can walk you through.

Treating Burns Before Contacting Us

We want all burn victims to seek immediate medical attention, even if burns and injuries are minor. Taking this step assures victims will not only heal faster, but they’ll not be seen as negligent or ‘not too badly injured’ by opposing parties.

Because facts surrounding fire accidents take time to collect, putting your claim in our hands as soon as possible may expedite our ability to recover monies owed to you.
Don’t let insurance companies burn you after sustaining no-fault fire injuries. Compass Law Group, LLP has the education, experience and drive to help victims seek closure in their respective fire incidents. No out-of-pocket costs will ever be charged to look at your case.

Contact Our Fire-Related Accident Attorney For Help

Once injuries have been tended to, contact our office to schedule your consultation. It costs nothing and could be a difference maker in how much compensation you receive. We take your account of events, photograph your injuries and begin working your case immediately.

We’re old enough to have the necessary experience, yet young enough to use the most cutting-edge technology and tactics, and are determined enough to fight and outsmart the other side, every time.

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