E-Cigarette Accident

Person in red hoodie blowing smoke from e-cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes won’t provide you with cancer saving miracles, won’t make you lose hair and costs a fraction of what cancer doctor charges for services rendered.

Despite their growing popularity as smoking cessation devices, e-cigarettes can also explode, causing injuries to face and mouth.

Los Angeles E-Cigarette Accident Attorney

Compass Law Group, LLP, experienced in e-cigarette litigation, offers extensive trial experience in holding e-cigarette manufacturers accountable for defective cartridges. The Los Angeles e-cigarette accident attorney which takes your case should be reasonably experienced, which our attorneys are.

Accident Resulting From E-cigarettes

Although they’re commonly marketed as safe alternatives to smoking cigarettes, electronic cigs have dangers many sellers or manufacturers choose not to disclose. For example, some are being criticized because they emit formaldehyde, even diacetyl. Class actions form quite frequently against the 500+ brands available to consumers today.

Man with a beard vaping.

With U.S. Fire Administration discovering many explosions occur during recharge, it’s obvious that manufacturers should rework charging ports, right? When the chemicals inside cartridges are flammable, too, it doesn’t matter how they charge because any current pushed into a vape tube could explode the cartridge.

Because these ‘vaping’ products don’t require FDA approval to sell, many companies cut corners to boost profitability. This means poor quality control over cartridges which go inside e-cigarettes, often leading to either too strong of formula put inside cartridges, or just enough toxic substances causing them to explode.

Exploding batteries, toxic chemicals, you name it. Compass Law Group, LLP has successfully litigated cases where product liability failed miserably where electronic cigarettes were concerned.

Understanding Claims, Loss Of Consortium

The varying circumstances specific to your e-cigarette claim will dictate what benefits you may be entitled to. We build rather strong cases before approaching opposing attorneys to discuss pre-trial settlement demands. Just know our firm is seeking medical expense payments, pain and suffering, wages lost from time away from work, and whatever else courts may deem proper.

Person holding an e-cigarette in their hand.

Another way victims of e-cigarette accidents can benefit their families comes from loss of consortium. For example, if an e-cigarette exploded in your pocket and disfigured your genitals, your wife could claim loss of consortium applies because she’ll have to give up her right to intimacy with you.

Regardless what claims arise, our Los Angeles e-cigarette accidents attorney must collect all facts, track down proof of purchase, see manufacturer’s specs in certain cases, and take any witness statements into account. The more information surrounding your e-cigarette accident that we can collect, the better.

We can help replace property damaged by exploding electronic cigarettes, too.

Compass Law Group P.C. Can File Your Claim

Electronic cigarettes are supposed to be cleaner alternatives to more addictive tar-based cigarettes. What was meant to be another tool to help people quit smoking turned out to be another enemy. Lawyers from coast to coast handle e-cigarette claims daily, with still no FDA mandates insight.

If you or someone you love became injured due to an exploding e-cigarette, or any other defect related to electronic smoking apparatuses, contact our office immediately.

We charge nothing to look over your case.

We’re old enough to have the necessary experience, yet young enough to use the most cutting-edge technology and tactics, and are determined enough to fight and outsmart the other side, every time.

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