Household Accident

Broken washing machine.

Imagine starting your Samsung washer, only to have it explode without justification.

Even worse, what if your Tide liquid detergent was accidentally mixed with corrosive materials that burned your skin? These and other incidents aren’t uncommon forms of product liabilities manufacturers hear about, but tend to do little about.

Los Angeles Household Accident Attorney

Compass Law Group, LLP, the most aggressive Los Angeles household accident attorneys you’ll find, take all types of household product liability cases. Cases where manufacturers released an entire series of products that caused multiple injuries to L.A. residents, our office would entertain forming a class action suit against the company responsible.

Household Product Liability Injuries Are Common

Mass production isn’t a perfect science. Machines are only as intelligent as their human creators, meaning bad mixtures, poorly welded parts or entire quality control processes can be skipped. Once products are packaged and sent to retail, consumers who’ve trusted brands for decades are none the wiser to whatever production snafu awaits them.

Broken toaster.

Products that were improperly labeled can cause harm, too. As many folks judiciously follow directions, what if using products according to spec led to someone getting seriously injured? It’s happened. As long as products are manufactured, there will always be product liability issues.

Compass Law Group, LLP will advocate consumers who’ve been injured due to household product or equipment issues. Whether your dog food was discovered to have metal shavings, your shampoo is causing hair to fall out or anything in between, Los Angeles household accidents attorneys from our firm can litigate and settle your case within a reasonable amount of time.

But Can’t I Simply Complain To Company?

Consumers are always afforded the right to take defective product grievances up with manufacturers or sellers directly. Where the problem lies is how quickly, if at all, customer support or someone high enough up the ladder will respond. When dealing with mass manufacturing, a certain margin of error is expected; so, if consumers get defective products, companies already know they’ll simply replace them.

When Compass Law Group, LLP takes household accident cases, we immediately contact opposing counsel, skipping any management or executives that may oppose your claim. We take photos, facts and whatever history the company has related to similar product defects and demand fair and equitable resolution. Depending on the outcome, we’ll either present victims with settlement options or take our case to trial with demand for jury presence.

Person delivering cardboard boxes to front door.

Contact Our Household Accidents Attorneys Today

You want nothing more than to provide safe product to your family. You purchase brand new appliances, assuming they’re going to run forever. The unfortunate part of manufacturing is quality control is sometimes subpar, at best. Without a stricter quality management process, products not suitable for use can leak into mainstream retail.

When you retain our Los Angeles household accidents attorneys, you’ll immediately have experts with knowledge of manufacturing processes in your corner. There’s never a fee until we settle favorably.

Don’t let product defects upend your household. Contact our office immediately following any household accidents which fall under product liability.

We’re old enough to have the necessary experience, yet young enough to use the most cutting-edge technology and tactics, and are determined enough to fight and outsmart the other side, every time.

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