Power Tool Accidents

Man using power tool.

One major danger involves power tools, including their improperly manufactured batteries and other moving parts. Miter saws, concrete saws, even jigsaws can present major issues if not properly stored, or used properly with training.

Defective power tools, including those which an employer has failed to identify, may explode or electrocute the operator. Instead of finishing up your company’s major building product, you’re stuck at home healing from massive electrocution. Compass Law Group, LLP are Los Angeles power tool accident attorneys that understand what you’re going through.

Power Tool Accident Attorney Los Angeles

Don’t let an insurance company saw your compensation in half. Our product liability attorneys fight to get every penny you deserve.

Construction trades tend to be physically demanding with plenty of hazardous conditions everywhere you turn.

What Causes Tool Accidents?

Power tool drilling cement.

OSHA wrote an interesting publication titled “Hand and Power Tools,” which goes into power tool safety, employer responsibility, and what employees who were injured should do. For example, 29 CFR Part 1910, Subpart O discusses lock and tag procedures, what employers are responsible for and what civil penalties may incur if injuries happen due to improperly locked out tools and machinery.

The more common causes of pool accidents, including non-lethal amputations, include:

  • Improper training. Indeed, many tool accidents could be avoided if employers wouldn’t assume every construction worker knows power tool safety and proper usage.
  • Improper usage. Using power chisels as screwdrivers could cause the head to fly off, injuring those nearby or even the operator.
  • The employer failed to lockout unsafe tools. When larger tools like concrete saws or drill presses go down, they should be properly locked out. If an employee uses machinery which wasn’t properly shut down, and gets seriously injured, Compass Law Group, LLP will hold the employer accountable.

Many other incidents leading to injuries have been litigated by our Los Angeles power tool accidents attorneys, getting compensation injured persons to deserve while also forcing construction companies and machine shops to change procedures.

We Settle Power Tool Accident Cases

Broken workers glasses due to power tool malfunction.

Another growing cause of tool-related accidents involves using hydraulic fluid in machines that don’t meet fire retardant standards. This fluid could easily explode, causing burn injuries or even death, depending on how much pressure the fluid was under.

Compass Law Group, LLP is thorough when investigating construction accidents involving power tools. The smallest details can make or break your case, which means we need photos, witness statements, victim impact statements, even your physician’s prognosis regarding your injury.

Learn More About Product Liability Cases We Cover

If you’ve been injured because of employer negligence involving power tools and equipment, do not hesitate to contact our office. With several Los Angeles power tool accident attorneys available to assist with your claim, victims won’t need to wait in line to be heard.

Damages normally available to victims could triple if employer negligence is proven to be willful. This means your company may opt to either settle quickly or fight vigorously to defend their position.

No claim will cost money out-of-pocket. If we cannot settle or win your case, you owe Compass Law Group, LLP nothing.

We’re old enough to have the necessary experience, yet young enough to use the most cutting-edge technology and tactics, and are determined enough to fight and outsmart the other side, every time.

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