How To Walk Without Getting Hit

When teenagers start to drive, parents worry about where they are going, who they are picking up, when they are getting home, and if they will pay attention to the road with all of their friends in the car. Parents want to trust their children, but it is hard. It’s not the teen we worry about, but the other drivers. Who knows what drunk driver is out there driving reckless? Who knows if some other teen is distracted driving? A teen behind the wheel is scary, but sometimes a pedestrian is worse. Our Crosswalk Accident Lawyers Compass Law Group, LLP knows that pedestrian accidents do not discriminate. We have represented people of all ages, races, and genders. Unfortunately, walking to work or the store can be just as dangerous as getting behind the wheel.

Teen In Critical Condition

Around Christmas time last year, a parent received the worst phone call. It was from the police reporting that his or her son was struck by a car while walking late afternoon. It was 5:45 PM on a Tuesday when the teen was struck by a car while he was crossing the street. The teen was rushed to Children’s Hospital of Orange County in Orange in critical condition. The driver stayed on the scene and complied with the police. The police do not suspect any alcohol or drugs, but that doesn’t mean the driver wasn’t driving negligently or recklessly.
Other forms of negligent or reckless driving are speeding, distracted driving, drowsy driving, or aggressive driving. For example, if the teen walked without a crosswalk it doesn’t mean that the driver isn’t partially responsible. Because California is a comparative negligence state, no one person has to be “at fault”. Instead, the court can decide how much liability one person has to the other. So, if the driver who hit the teen was driving negligently he or she would be held liable for a certain percent of the accident. This helps the victim and the person who caused the injury.

Walking Safety Tips

If you plan on walking to work, to play, or to the store, here are some tips to keep in mind to protect you as you walk to your destination:

  • Always use crosswalks even if it means you have to walk further down to cross. Crosswalks are specifically made for pedestrians and are the most expected way for you to cross.
  • Follow traffic signals and use the time allotted to cross
  • Look at drivers. Making eye contact with drivers is the best way to know that you are seen while crossing
  • Don’t use your phone when walking. Distracted walking can lead to accidents just like distracted driving
  • Avoid wearing dark clothing when walking at night

If you or someone you love is suffering from an injury due to a pedestrian accident, our Anaheim Crosswalk Accident Attorneys are here to help you.


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