What Are the Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

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Pedestrian accidents can be particularly devastating. When a vehicle comes into contact with a pedestrian, even at the slowest of speeds, the results can be tragic. Severe and lasting injuries are likely. With more and more people walking and jogging outside to stay healthy and in the fresh air, it seems more important than ever to promote pedestrian safety. In order to do so, let us take a look at some of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents in the hope that as either drivers or pedestrians, we can all work together to reduce the number of these tragic accidents that occur every year.

Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

One of the main causes of pedestrian accidents is distracted driving. When a driver pulls their eyes or attention away from the road, even for a second, these kinds of accidents are much more likely to occur. These days, people cannot seem to put down their phones. Cell phone use and texting are constant and pedestrians are suffering as a result. Eating and drinking are also common distractions for driving.

On the other side of things, distracted walking or jogging is also a common reason for pedestrian accidents occurring. Pedestrians need to pay attention to their surroundings in order to stay safe. When a pedestrian has their eyes glued down at their phone, they are making themselves more vulnerable to being struck by vehicles.

Speeding is another main cause of pedestrian accidents. There is a reason speeding is a violation of the law. It is dangerous and puts others at risk of injury. Speeding not only means that a driver has less time to effectively react and brake when necessary, but driving at increased speeds also leads to a stronger force of impact in the event of a crash. Pedestrians struck by speeding vehicles often suffer life-altering or life-ending injuries. Even if a speeding vehicle tries to stop prior to hitting a pedestrian, it is often too little too late to blunt the force of impact.

Intoxicated driving also commonly plays a role in pedestrian accidents. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol leads to impaired judgment, reasoning, and driving skills in general. All of this means that pedestrians, and other cars, are placed at greater risk when there are intoxicated drivers on the road. On the other side of things, intoxicated pedestrians also place themselves at heightened risks of being involved in an accident.

Pedestrian accidents also commonly involve a failure to stop or yield the right of way by an oncoming vehicle. When a driver rolls through a stop sign or an intersection, pedestrians can be easily put in harm’s way. Oftentimes, a driver may attempt a left or right hand turn and not see a pedestrian crossing the road and unable to slow to yield the pedestrian the right of way. In fact, pedestrians should be uniquely aware that, while using crosswalks is a good idea, it does not make them immune to being struck by an oncoming vehicle. Vehicles do not always see pedestrians in crosswalks for several reasons, commonly for the sole fact that they are driving while distracted.

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