Head On Collision Causes 1 Dead and 1 Dog Injured

When taking long road trips the road can get either really soothing or really annoying. For those who think the road is soothing, typically can fall asleep easily while someone else is driving. They don’t mind driving behind people or taking their time on the road. However, other people are just waiting for the ride to be over. There is nothing like the open road, but there are times when that is just annoying. Then you get stuck behind a car or a big truck and all you want to do is take them over to go just a little faster. Even the best drivers can make mistakes. Even though you double check mirrors and do your best to gauge distance, it doesn’t always work out. Sometimes accidents happen, but when they involve semi-trucks or big rigs, they more than likely always end in fatalities.

When Drivers Think Alike

Two lane roads are hard to manage. Let’s say that you are driving and you happen to drop your food or spill your drink, you get distracted and can swerve into the other lane. If you swerve at exactly the worst time you are looking at a head-on collision. Let’s say you are driving on a two-lane road, and get stuck behind a car. You want to pass them, so you try your best to swerve and see who is in the other lane. You can pass a car quickly because they are not that long. However, if you try to pass a semi-truck you may need more room or time than you think.
Semi Trucks can be over 50 feet in length and over 80,000 lbs. This is why more than the usual car or pickup truck that we are used to passing every day. Sometimes we misjudge distances which is okay if you are just trying to drive through a stop sign or zip across the lane, but trying to pass a semi truck on a two-lane road is a completely different story. A driver of a Nissan Sentra tried to attempt this kind of maneuver misjudged and faced a head-on collision with a GMC Pick up truck. You can tell that both vehicles tried to swerve into the side of the road to get out of each other’s way, but both ended up swerving the same way.

What Happened

The resulting accident left 1 driver dead and the other in serious condition. The pickup truck had two animals in it, one of which had broken legs. If you or a loved one were injured in a truck accident, then you need to contact our Truck Accident Attorneys in Palmdale at Compass Law Group. Our professional team will ensure that the investigation tells the whole story of the accident. California multi-vehicle accident, courts work on issuing a percentage of fault. You may not have been in as much wrong as you think.


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