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An estimated 55,350 traffic accidents caused 260 motor vehicle deaths across Los Angeles in 2016. Despite numerous attempts at roadway improvements to curb traffic fatalities, an increased number of commuters, rideshare vehicles, vacationers and commercial vehicles contributed to this growing trend. With nothing being done to decrease these figures, it’s a gamble just to drive anymore.

Victims involved in motor vehicle accidents across Los Angeles should retain a knowledgeable Santa Clarita car accident attorney to handle every facet of their motor vehicle incident. Joseph Shirazi and Simon Esfandi, two dedicated attorneys with considerable personal injury litigation experience, formed Compass Law Group, PC in an effort to become “difference makers” in the injury law field.

Taking pride in every client they represent, both attorneys bring continually evolving education and the desire to fairly settle cases for injured clients to every automobile accident they’re assigned to.

Why Los Angeles Attracts Accidents

Driving your vehicle on L.A. roadways shouldn’t come with warnings, but statistically, it does. Upgrading roadways to lessen collisions and speeding would be an excellent place to start, although that conversation has been going on for years. Phoning law enforcement when speeders or intoxicated drivers are discovered also helps, although their reaction time isn’t always ideal.

Despite city officials studying 6% of Los Angeles roadways, or approximately 450 miles, nothing is being done to avert unnecessary tragedies experienced by drivers who innocently commute to work, school, or to their next vacation destination. Drivers are either in a hurry, under the influence of some mind-controlling substance, or simply too unskilled to be driving on congested roadways.

Los Angeles, the 74th largest in America by land area with 4,752.32 square miles, has plenty of roadway needing work. Until city officials can get around to making local cities safer to drive, Either car collision lawyer hired by victims from our firm will remain steadfast in protecting the interests of those injured or killed, because we cannot change statistics, but we can settle cases.

Automobile accidents across California are 10% of the nation’s total. That’s just in one state. Because of its size, and due to its increase in registered drivers, the Golden State is an area where drivers should exercise extra caution when traversing the byways and highways. Although accidents will still find their way into someone’s life without rhyme or reason.

Litigating Car Accidents Correctly is Our Job

You’re hurt. Another car recklessly operated their vehicle in a manner which forced an unwarranted accident, but not only is your car destroyed, you’re physically barely able to move. Once police and ambulance arrive on the scene, statements will be taken, and medical care will be administered. What happens thereafter depends on the Santa Clarita car accident attorney you retain. But first thing’s first – get your injuries looked at, and head home much deserved a relaxation.

Any personal injury resulting in serious bodily harm and financial losses is grounds for court action. Provided indisputable evidence exists that you’re not the at-fault party, winning a lawsuit in court should be relatively easy regardless of why the accident occurred. But the right attorney will represent you with unwavering accuracy and the commitment victims need in getting the best possible settlement.

Compass Law Group, PC’s own Simon Esfandi knows firsthand what substandard legal representation is like – his own personal injury was the basis for his Loyola Law School admittance. Not only did he receive poor representation, the treatment he received given his traumatized state was appalling. Victims of every car accident he’s litigated and will undertake, are treated like family, period.

The process of reviewing facts and building a case against the at-fault party isn’t like what you read about in books, or seen on TV. Our firm basically goes through your entire accident and re-creates the incident as it happened. We want to get a feel for where you were, how you were driving, where the negligent vehicle came from, even g-force of impact which resulted in the injuries you received. We compare your account (to the best of your memory) with what law enforcement documented at the scene. Whichever Santa Clarita car accident attorney is assigned your case will then determine a suitable course of action moving forward.

No victim will have to fight alone. That’s Compass Law Group, PC’s mantra, and will be until we retire.

Compensation Is Our Goal

Obviously, victims will want compensation for their inconvenience and injuries. Personal injury laws clearly state anyone found to be reckless in injuring another person can be held civilly liable and ordered to pay compensation. That’s the human version.

Both attorneys are well-versed in negotiation. Defendants are not going to want to go to court, especially if they’re representing a company, because court records are public. So, because our firm has two seasoned negotiators, many claims rarely make it past the pretrial settlement phase. Which is why we plan so well for this discussion.

Insurers and the defendant’s attorney tend to undermine our ability to present accurate facts. When we do throw an ironclad case of negligence in front of them, not only are they more willing to negotiate on our terms, but they’ll do so knowing what a potential jury award would look like should it go that far. Your Santa Clarita car accident attorney will consider medical bills and future medical needs, loss of income, vehicle replacement, and pain and suffering along with whatever needs must be addressed.

Once a settlement offer is reached favoring our client, we’re on the home stretch. It’s at this point will present the offer to you and, should you agree to it, you’ll sign off on it. The exact time frame thereafter it takes to receive your funds isn’t known, although it’s not very long.

Trust Compass Law Group with your car accident litigation needs. You’ll get an understanding Santa Clarita car accident attorney who’ll walk you through the entire process and never leave your side. Our fees are based on contingency, and consultations cost nothing but your time.

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No matter who the opposing party is, they can’t outwork, outwit or outspend Compass Law Group, PC. We will do everything that is necessary to win the case, and we’re here to help victims fight back against those who injured them.

Hiring the right personal injury attorney can often make the difference between getting the maximum settlement to account for your medical care, damages and lost wages or getting short changed or even having your case dismissed completely.

Have you been injured in an accident due to the negligence of others? Contact the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at the Compass Law Group, PC because finding direction after an accident means having a great Compass on hand.

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