Finding the best personal injury law firm in Los Angeles is tough.

There are just too many lawyers in our county, and not even half of them truly care about their clients and their best interests.

For decades, residents in Los Angeles have been frustrated with attorneys charging outrageous fees, failing to handle their cases with the utmost care, and failing to offer an effective legal strategy that would not only protect their rights, but also obtain maximum compensation for their injuries and damages.

This was something the founders of Compass Law Group, LLP Joseph Shirazi and Simon Esfandi, experienced firsthand. Decades ago, the then mere mortal Esfandi, with no law degree, suffered a terrible accident that left him injured.

He hired some “reputable” personal injury attorney to represent him, and was taken aback by the careless actions and weak advocacy on the part of his lawyer. This was the turning point in Esfandi’s life. He told himself, “That’s enough. That’s not how you treat a client who has been traumatized and is in need of skilled legal support.”

Attorneys Simon Esfandi and Joseph Shirazi

Ever since then, Esfandi has earned his law degree from Loyola Law School, and has successfully represented thousands of clients in Los Angeles. He then teamed up with Shirazi to form Compass Law Group, LLP and provide clients in LA County with aggressive advocacy to fight for their rights, offer them compassionate support, and treat each and every client like they would a family member.Why hire our personal injury attorneys?

Every day, hundreds of Los Angeles residents suffer minor and severe injuries. An injury is not something you are ever prepared for.

That’s why our law firm takes pride in having the goal to personally meet and interact with every client in order to not only explain how the legal system works, but also determine the strengths and weaknesses of their case.

Should you hire a personal injury attorney

Whether it’s a negligent or reckless driver, an irresponsible manufacturer of a defective product, a careless dog owner or owner of a private property, our skilled legal team will work day and night in order to hold them liable for their illegal actions.

Our goal is to NEVER settle for less, but ALWAYS find ways to maximize the personal injury claim of our client and help them obtain maximum compensation for their injuries and damages.

Our goal is to NEVER look at a client as a walking wallet to gain profit from him or her, but ALWAYS be transparent about our attorney fees, which are affordable and fair.

We NEVER ask our clients for upfront payment, but ALWAYS get paid when the client wins their personal injury case either with a favorable settlement or verdict.

We are WINNERS, and we are ready to help. Let us walk you through the process of filing a personal injury claim, crafting a strong legal strategy, and winning compensation on your behalf while you focus on your recovery to get back to work as soon as possible and continue enjoying your life again.

As said above, our priority is to personally meet with each and every client, which is why we make home and hospital visits to start working on your case ASAP.