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Santa Clarita Dog Attack Attorney

Dog Bite Lawyer Santa Clarita

Pit bulls and Rottweilers are thought to have the harshest temperaments of all dogs, but studies show the number one breed known for attacking without provocation is the Labrador Retriever. Chows and German shepherds round out the top five canine breeds strangers are attacked by, with minute numbers of female Doberman pinschers also causing unwarranted dog attacks.

California is an excellent place to walk your dogs year-round. Weather is mild, dogs love being outside – it’s a win-win most of the time. That is until your unprovoked dog attacks an innocent walker, causing severe leg, arm, and neck injuries. Persons attacked will undoubtedly want legal representation from a well-qualified Santa Clarita dog attack injury attorney.

Compass Law Group, PC offers unparalleled legal services to dog attack victims. As many clients may lose work and incur medical expenses, our job when representing them is to hold dog owners and home insurance companies accountable lack of proper pet containment.

Dog Owners Are Responsible for Dog Violence

Forget what statistics show. Homeowners that want animal protection, and couples that simply want canine companionship, are responsible for the dogs they bring into their domicile. Pet should always be contained within fencing that surrounds the home, kept inside the house, or at the very least restrained by a collar and chain. Failing to protect the public from potentially aggressive dogs is an act of negligence.

Apart from being provoked, there’s little data supporting why dogs would attack strangers. People walking down the sidewalk may have a certain smell, perhaps they gave the dog a certain look inadvertently. Whatever the case, your dog attack injury attorney collects facts and evidence surrounding the attack and does their part in holding the homeowner accountable.

In 2016, 61% of all dog fatalities involved several dogs attacking one victim. Wrongful death suits against homeowners aren’t uncommon, especially when multiple dogs shouldn’t be let loose in the neighborhood at once. Dogs escaping their confinement isn’t an excuse, either, because we’ll argue the containment wasn’t sufficiently built, was too low or simply needed to be updated.

Dog attack victims are entitled to compensation for their physical and financial burdens. Compass Law Group, PC explores every avenue possible to secure settlements.

Contact Compass, and Bite Back

Victims severely injured by dogs may feel intimidated. Maybe they were approached by the homeowner and bullied into not suing or calling the police. Some have even been ‘bribed’ into staying quiet. You don’t have to feel victimized twice; local ordinances and our court system will hold dog owners accountable, and we’ll pursue civil remedies on your behalf.

California laws have specific language dictating how long victims have to raise claims against dog owners. Hiring our intelligent Santa Clarita dog attack injury attorney sooner than later would allow us to hold accountability before dog owners attempt to get rid of, or put down, their dog.

If you or someone you love injured were killed by a senseless dog attack, contact Compass Law Group, PC and we’ll begin evaluating your case immediately. Consultations are free of charge.

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