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Santa Clarita E-Cigarette Accident Attorney

Exploding E-Cigarette Lawyer Santa Clarita

Smokers looking to kick the habit have turned to electronic cigarettes due to their perceived safety. Containing only a fractional amount of nicotine, ‘vaping’ has grown to a worldwide phenomenon as an alternative to the cancerous effects of cigarettes. E-cigarettes are known to have inherent issues of their own, causing serious injury to users. Introduced in 2004, e-cigarettes aren’t as safe as many believe.

Compass Law Group, PC is an exceptional firm dedicated to holding electronic cigarette manufacturers accountable for personal injuries. Featuring a well-respected Santa Clarita e-cigarette accident attorney, our firm has successfully litigated e-cigarette accident claims where users were seriously injured. From explosions to toxic chemicals in vaping tubes, electronic cigarettes can sometimes hurt more than help.

What Causes Explosions?

Inside the pen-sized smoking device, you’ll find a rather small heating element which heats a liquid solution, often called ‘juice’. These heating coils are manual or activated when a user takes a ‘puff’ from the inhalation tube. Electronic cigarettes with these elements should be manufactured with an automatic shutdown prior to overheating. Many do not.

Powering the heating element is a small lithium-ion battery made from alternating layers of cathodes and metallic anodes, which are then divided by a porous film. This porous ‘divider’ holds a combustible, even flammable, liquified electrolyte; should lithium-ion battery get too hot, the combustible liquid may explode or catch fire. Many believe faulty cells inside the electronic cigarette cause these explosions.

The personal injury one may sustain from an exploding electronic cigarette is horrendous, some injuries leading to death. Although small, explosions within close proximity to one’s face and lips could cause disfiguration, possibly even blindness. The pain experienced by an exploding e-cigarette is unspeakable.

Our Santa Clarita e-cigarette accident attorney takes exploding electronic cigarette cases seriously. We’ll immediately begin working on your case because time is of the essence in finding and holding the original manufacturer accountable. There are numerous personal injury claims across the nation where exploding electronic cigarettes have ruined lives, so we work diligently to settle claims favorably.

Our Team Litigates E-Cig Claims

Manufacturers of electronic cigarette batteries and the device themselves may be two different entities. As the quality of life you experience before will significantly change, we see compensation to cover said losses. Medical bills which may include reconstructive surgery will be another topic brought up during negotiations. Then there’s pain and suffering endured during the episode and after. Finally, something will be done about the wages you’re losing, and stand to lose.

Getting Compass Law Group, PC involved with your claim means you have true professionals in your corner. We understand the immense pain you’re going through after your electronic cigarette accident. Our goal is to provide fair and comprehensive representation to victims who aren’t aware of the many laws we can use against the manufacturer.

Retain our e-cigarette accident attorney, and experience electronic cigarette injury litigation done right. Consulting with our firm costs nothing, and were currently taking cases related to e-cigarette accidents, so contact us today.

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