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Santa Clarita Household Accident Attorney

Household Accident Injury Lawyer Santa Clarita

What would you do if turned on your Hewlett-Packard computer, and it exploded? Should your kids get toys made with toxic chemicals that can irritate their skin upon touching it? These and many other product liability issues arise when manufacturing processes aren’t compliant with government standards. Quality control should catch many of these issues, but oftentimes they simply don’t.

Compass Law Group, PC whether by negotiation of settlements or petitioning for judicature, offers comprehensive representation to those consumers who’ve experienced product defects that caused injury. Cases are assigned a well-respected Santa Clarita household accident attorney to investigate the source of the defective product, and whether or not there was an outstanding recall.

Catching Product Defects is Hard

Manufacturers, despite their best efforts to produce a consumer-safe product, plan for a certain number of product failures; it’s just part of the manufacturing process. Many of these failures are detectable when quality control selects random components or finished products to test using machinery or visual inspection. Unfortunately, some issues are untraceable or visible by the naked eye. For example, visual testing oftentimes won’t detect internal battery flaw unless the battery itself is tested.

Once defective products hit retail shelves or sales floors, and consumers purchasing begin using products with known defects, a liability issue will arise once they’ve been injured. Whether it’s a Blu-ray player catching fire, or baby food mixed with potentially harmful or fatal chemicals, injuries that stem from manufacturer neglect are actionable, and our household accident attorney will hold them accountable.

Substantial resources are often required to prove these cases, including experts and sometimes actual quality control personnel in similar capacities. With all facts gathered, we’ll then approach the manufacturer’s counsel to determine if negotiating compensation will be an option, file the case directly in court. The last thing we want is consumers to fear the products they’ve trusted based on commercials or lifetime use.

Californians spend their hard-earned money on appliances, cleaning products, electronics, and other toys. When these products go afoul, it’s the attorneys at Compass Law Group, PC that consumers trust to make things right.

Defective Household Products? Contact Compass.

Some of the nation’s most horrifying household product accidents have happened right here in California. Because our state has so many consumers, and several ports where products enter our country, it’s easy for defective goods to enter mainstream retail and harm millions of hard-working folks. Retaining an understanding yet fierce Santa Clarita household accident attorney affords consumers the opportunity to get compensation for their losses.

Consumers involved in product-related household incidents should keep records of medical expenses, proof of purchase, and may even benefit by photographing the injuries sustained. The more evidence we present the manufacturer and their counsel, the better positioned our firm is to negotiate a settlement.

Don’t let defective household products through your day. Our attorneys will look at your case without cost and can determine what course of action best in your situation. Household products may fail you, but Compass Law Group, PC won’t.

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Hiring the right personal injury attorney can often make the difference between getting the maximum settlement to account for your medical care, damages and lost wages or getting short changed or even having your case dismissed completely.

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