Slip and Falls Are No Laughing Matter

We have all seen the old cartoons of a character slipping on a banana peel and falling onto their back. The scene typically incites laughter by the audience. You may also be aware of all the slip and falls in America’s Funniest Home Videos (the ones involving the slip and slides are particularly hilarious). Then we have all remember the “help, help, I can’t get up” commercials for Life Alert. How many times have you and your friends create your own rendition of that commercial? However, what we may not always see are the injuries sustained because of the slip and fall. We don’t see the medical bills that pile up or the emotional turmoil of not being able to work or even losing their job.
The one thing all these hilarious scenes have in common is that typically they are in their own home or the person created the situation themselves. So when they do have medical bills and emotional pain there is no one else to blame but themselves. But what if you slipped and fell at work? What if you slipped and fell due to the negligence of someone else? What if your slip and fall were severe enough to cause permanent injury? What if your slip and fall were severe enough to cause a catastrophic injury that inhibits you from ever performing regular activities? So if you are searching for information on filing a claim due to a slip and fall then more than likely you are looking for how a Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorney can help you.
First, slip and falls are more common than you think. The U.S. Department of Labor stated that in industrial accidents, slip, falls, and trips make up 15% of deaths per year. They contribute to 25% of insurance claims and responsible for about 95 million lost workdays per year. This is a big deal. There are OSHA guidelines that businesses and workplaces must follow to ensure the safety of their employees as well as visitors. If these are not met then your injury may not be your fault. Common situations occur to cause your accident such as greasy or wet floors that we were not correctly signed or cleaned. Other situations involve uneven walking surfaces, loose flooring or carpet, missing or uneven floor types, sloped walking surfaces, exposed electric cords or cables, and the list goes on! Sometimes accidents are beyond your foreseeability. If this is the case then reach out to our Los Angeles Slip and Fall Lawyers at Compass Law Group to start a claim today.
Do not let the medical bills pile up before you reach out to us. We can help you with documentation, witnesses, and other materials needed to prove negligence in premise liability. Do not try to fight the insurance company on your own. Unfortunately the hardest part of filing a claim is getting all the right paperwork. Let us do the stressing for you while you heal.


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