Wet Floor Accident

Wet floor sign.

There’s nothing attractive about sloppily mopped floors that seem to stay wet forever. Standing water can warp flooring materials, deter people from frequenting the area in question, and even cause serious bodily injuries.

Proper signage where wet floors are discovered can prevent accidents. Unfortunately, business owners claim they’re ‘too busy’ or ‘lack manpower’ to handle trivial matters like wet floors. One would think simply precautionary measures like ‘wet floor’ signage would prevent businesses from forking over five to seven-figure settlements. They do – when used, of course.

Los Angeles Wet Floor Accident Attorney

But when Los Angeles wet floor accidents attorneys from Compass Law Group, LLP get called, these businesses are suddenly ready to comply with premises condition.

Person mopping in an empty warehouse.

Wet Floors And Premises Liability

Routinely cleaning and waxing floors is vital to both maintaining sanitary premises, and keeping people interested in your building or business. Regardless what time floor crews begin working to shine or mop, signage must be used; it’s not optional. Think what America would be like if ‘Stop’ signs were optional; this is similar because signs prevent unneeded injuries, which protect business owners from massive liability suits.

Massive bone breakages, head trauma even broken necks have occurred from slipping on wet surfaces which weren’t properly identified. Claims arise when those responsible for maintaining safe walking areas were privy to floors being wet but refused to signal to walkers that floors were wet.

Compass Law Group, LLP has successfully litigated cases where serious personal injuries arose from wet floor accidents. We can recover medical costs, lost wages, any pain and suffering even the cost of specialists you needed to see during your impairment.

We Settle Cases Fairly For All

The unfortunate reality of wet floor accidents is that someone will be injured, and someone will pay dearly for their negligence. Our job as your Los Angeles wet floor accidents attorneys are getting you’re the largest settlement award possible. To settle properly, we must prove premise liability was clearly on the owner.

Wet floor tiles.

We must also prove owners were aware that floors were wet but chose not to remedy the problem. This means failing to instruct floor crews to identify wet areas using signage. After Compass Law Group, LLP has clearly established fault, we can begin constructing our case to present to either offending party’s attorney, court, or both. Depending on the seriousness of the injury claim, settlements could come within days or months.

Don’t ‘fall’ For Insurance Bullying

Sustaining wet floor injuries is bad enough. Insurance adjusters won’t make your life any easier, oftentimes bullying you into taking what they dub ‘their best offer’, or risk not getting anything at all. Intimidated by the notion they may receive nothing, victims will often take checks worth next to nothing compared to what compensation our law firm could recover.

How Compass Law Group’s Wet Floor Accident Attorney Can Help

Before accepting something you’ll later regret your premises injury, call an experienced Los Angeles wet floor accidents attorney from our firm. We charge nothing to discuss case specifics with you, and we don’t collect money until your check is cut.

We’re old enough to have the necessary experience, yet young enough to use the most cutting-edge technology and tactics, and are determined enough to fight and outsmart the other side, every time.

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