Not All Dog Walks are Created Equal

We love our four legged creatures. Cats and dogs are our favorite choice for pets. Some even go so far as calling them domestic companions. As owners of animals we know that they have particular personalities, dislikes and likes, and peculiarities. It takes an educated owner to protect others from our animals not matter how big or small, or how temperate. Our attorneys at Compass Law Group, LLP in Santa Clarita understand how much our animals and people matter to us. We believe in having a specific litigation for dog attacks because we want to keep our community safe and educated. When canines go awry due to owner negligence, our firm can help you sue for damages.
Scenario: You are walking your beloved small pup, Cheeto. You and Cheeto have been companions for a long time now. As an elderly person smaller, lap dogs are more convenient and manageable for you. Thankfully Cheeto is a Chihuahua mix and walks with a little pep in his step which always makes you smile. Then as you pass round your usual corner, around the same time everyone morning, you notice a very different looking dog on your path; a much bigger, tougher dog. You keep walking in hopes to avoid confrontation but then you find your self thrown to the floor after being bulldozed by the bigger, tougher dog. Your small companion Cheeto is in the bigger dog’s mouth and you are now wrestling for Cheeto’s life as well as your own as the bigger dog bites back and scratches.
This scenario was a very true story for Barry Bergs, who walked the same path with his companion dog for 10 years. This kind of dog attack is not common, but it can be deadly. In this scenario the poor smaller dog did not survive. Bergs had a choice to put him down or let him suffer until he passed away as the damages were too great. Nowadays, a visit to the vet is as costly as a human going to a doctor. But with vets you have less options for payment because your dog can’t be claimed under your insurance. So what do you do? You sue.

We are All One Community

Santa Clarita dog attack injuries attorneys are invaluable to getting your claim through. We go through every measure from filing insurance companies to settlements to court proceedings. We believe that the more we bring attention to these kinds of cases then the better we can get educate our community. We don’t want to see more dogs euthanized due to erratic behavior or negligence of the owner. We want to see our canine brethren treated with love and trained in a way that everyone benefits. Especially when our growing neighborhood is full of children playing in the streets.

What To Do Now

If you or a loved one has suffered from a dog bite or worse, please reach out to us.


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