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Moms Seeking New Laws on Underride Bars for Big Trucks

Underride collisions involving rear and side impacts cause devastating accidents on our roadways each and every year. This type of accident occurs when a standard passenger auto crashes into the rear or side of a big rig or tractor trailer and winds up underneath the trailer. It is not unusual for the occupants in such […]

Jayne Mansfield’s Legacy: Fewer Underride Deaths

Many people recognize Jayne Mansfield’s contributions to Hollywood, but few know that one of the biggest impacts of Mansfield’s life would actually be her death. The Hollywood starlet rose to fame during the 50s and 60s and would be the reason that safety experts finally took on the problem of cars crashing into the undercarriages […]

Large Number of Truck Accidents Due to Defective Parts

While a good number of truck accidents in Los Angeles roadways are due to the negligence or poor judgement of truck operators and others on the road, that’s not always the case. Quite a few accidents are due to defective parts on the truck itself, including insufficient lighting, faulty fuel tanks and defective safety systems. […]

One Dead After Box Truck Driver Falls Asleep at the Wheel

The January 12 crash in San Jose that left one person dead underscores the fact that drowsy driving is never a good idea. Authorities say that the driver of a box garbage truck heading north from L.A. on U.S. 101 in San Jose fell asleep at the wheel, causing his truck to leave the roadway […]

Who’s Responsible for Damages If You Cause a Truck Accident at Work?

Have you been in a truck accident at work and are wondering who will be responsible for paying for the damages? If you were injured or another party was harmed in a truck crash that occurred in the scope of employment, your employer may be liable for the damages and losses. But here’s where it […]

New Laws Require More Training For Truck Drivers

You may not be aware, but California legislators passed a new law that requires entry-level commercial truck drivers to spend at least 15 hours of training behind the wheel before they will be eligible to receive their commercial driver’s license. This new requirement goes further than the federal guidelines that were put into place in […]

Four Years After Fatality, State Law Changes

It has been four years since Daniel McGuire was killed in a big rig crash. Now, “Daniel’s Law” is going to take effect. In July of 2014, Daniel was going to work when he slowed down behind a line of traffic on a steep descent. He was fatally struck from behind by a large eighteen-wheeler […]

Fiery Truck Crash On 210 Freeway

Earlier this month, a truck driver managed to walk away unhurt after his tractor-trailer crashed and burst into flames on the Metro Gold Line tracks along the 210 freeway. The crash happened early in the morning. Witnesses say that the truck veered from the slow lane, crashed into the center divider (where the train tracks […]

Dangers of the Commercial Truck Driver Shortage

Commercial trucks—think semis, 18 wheelers, dump trucks—populate roads nationwide. They serve a vital purpose in our nation’s economy transporting goods, services, and providing transportation. However, due to their immense size, it is important that commercial truck drivers are well-trained and capable. After all, commercial truck accidents usually end in devastation if they do occur. Unfortunately, […]

Man Lives After Crash With Cement Truck

When you get in your vehicle each day, the last thing on your mind is getting into an accident. We all know it is a possibility when we get out on the road, but we drive carefully and work to avoid dangerous situations. Unfortunately, sometimes it is the negligence of other drivers around up that […]

Cars, Vans, and Trucks, Oh My!

With over 6.7 million drivers in Los Angeles, it is only time before one vehicle hits another one. Car accidents are scary, even the small ones. Fender benders are little reminders that you should stop texting and start paying attention. When a car hits another car, at lower speeds, the fatality decreases, but what happens […]

Determining Fault In A Multi-Vehicle Truck Accident (Understanding California’s Comparative Negligent Doctrine)

California is home to traffic congestion and multi-vehicle accidents. Often, pile-up multi-vehicle crashes on California’s highways and freeways involve big trucks. More often than not, these crashes are so devastating that authorities have to close several or all lanes on the highway or freeway. A truck is more likely to cause a multi-vehicle accident than […]

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