Pedestrian Rights In An Uber Accident

At Compass Law Group, LLP in Los Angeles, we increasingly find ourselves assisting clients who have suffered serious injuries in accidents with Uber vehicles. A significant percentage of these clients are innocent pedestrians who are harmed by negligent drivers affiliated with the rideshare service, and are in immediate need of a pedestrian rights lawyer. Certainly, most people who drive for Uber are careful drivers just trying to earn a living or supplement their income, but that doesn’t help when one Uber driver has severely injured you or someone you love.

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable victims of traffic accidents because they don’t have the protection of being in (or even on) a vehicle, and cannot compete with the speed of the cars they try to avoid. Being confronted more and more frequently by Uber drivers can make the situation even worse for reasons we will soon discuss.

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Pedestrians are the most vulnerable victims of traffic accidents because they don’t have the protection of being in a vehicle. Contact our skilled Los Angeles personal injury attorney today for a consultation.

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Why Uber Quickly Became Popular in California and Around the World

For many, Uber continues to be a convenient alternative to other types of transportation because it provides:

  • Almost immediate response to ride requests
  • No cash payments
  • Modern GPS technology to navigate to customers and destinations
  • Typically cleaner cars and more polite drivers than taxis (because Uber drivers are in their own cars and are rated by each customer)

Nonetheless, there are several drawbacks to Uber vehicles, many of which may negatively impact pedestrians.

How, Where, and When Pedestrian Uber Accidents Occur

Although many Uber rides move through congested urban areas, making high-speed crashes improbable, plenty of Uber passengers request rides that take the drivers onto highways, rural roads, and stretches of suburban roads on which speeding vehicles are common. Uber drivers are usually pleased to take customers further because the pay is better.

In any event, where the Uber driver was headed or how long the trip was intended to makes no difference if that driver’s recklessness or inattention resulted in your traumatic injury. At Compass Law Group, we are well aware that, as a pedestrian victim of an Uber accident, all you want is to heal physically and emotionally and to collect the damages you need to see you through recovery and any possible long-term consequences of the crash.

The largest percentage of pedestrian accidents occur between the hours of 6 and 9 p.m. when twilight and darkness begin to move in and the roads are still busy with commuter traffic. Children and the elderly are at greater risk of being hit, the former due to impulsivity, the latter due to impaired strength, speed, and flexibility. As you may be aware, far too many pedestrian accidents are hit-and-run events.

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Why Uber Drivers May Present Increased Danger to Pedestrians

Apart from the simple fact that Uber cars increase the number of vehicles on the road, there are  several reasons Uber drivers may make roads riskier for pedestrians to navigate, including:

  • Uber is relatively lax about vetting its drivers
  • Uber drivers are not specially trained by the company
  • Uber drivers may have as little as 1 year of driving experience
  • Uber drivers, in an effort to earn enough money, may work extremely long hours, leading to exhaustion and sleepiness
  • Uber drivers may take drugs to keep them awake and be impaired by substances
  • Uber drivers use Apps and GPS constantly and so are more likely to be distracted

At Compass Law Group, we are dedicated to protecting our pedestrian clients no matter what the circumstances. Even if you contributed to the accident by crossing the street while a “Don’t Walk” sign was flashing, we will use our formidable litigation skills to make sure that you get the maximum damages allowed. In some cases, we may be able to win even more than the $1 million Uber stipulates. 

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Why So Many Victims of Uber Drivers Turn to a Pedestrian Compass Law Group for Justice

Remember that, catastrophic injuries notwithstanding, Uber and its insurance company want to hold onto their profit margins and so will use their high-power corporate attorneys to block your path to fair compensation. 

Our pedestrian rights attorneys have been fighting for fair compensation for Uber accident victims since the company first came onto the world stage. At Compass Law Group, our first-rate pedestrian rights attorneys have the in-depth knowledge of Uber and the strategic courtroom skills to come out ahead.

We have experience dealing with Uber accidents whether the driver was “on the app” and waiting for a call, being connected to a rider, or carrying a passenger at the time you were injured. Our pedestrian rights lawyers will be able to determine whether suing Uber is a viable option or we will be limited to suing the individual driver’s insurance company. Either way, any pedestrian rights lawyer of ours will fight aggressively to win your case.

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Injuries You May Have Suffered as a Pedestrian in an Uber Accident

We are all too familiar with the disastrous injuries a pedestrian can suffer in a split-second Uber accident. In addition to your physical woes, you are no doubt also psychologically traumatized and financially depleted by medical bills and lack of income. 

Whatever horrors you’re dealing with — e.g. multiple fractures, spinal cord injury, amputation, traumatic brain injury, serious burns, organ loss — we are here to help you. You can rely on us to fight for your right to obtain the economic, non-economic, and perhaps even punitive damages you need to restart your life. In most cases, your compensation may cover:

  • Medical and rehabilitation costs
  • Psychological counseling
  • Lost income
  • Lost earning power
  • Replacement services
  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological counseling
  • Permanent disability
  • Extended nursing care
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

If your family has suffered the tragic loss of a loved one in a pedestrian Uber accident, we will sue for wrongful death damages. Though no amount can bring back your family member, a pedestrian rights lawyer will fight hard to win recompense for medical costs, funeral costs, and damages for loss of financial and emotional support.

If You Have Been Seriously Hurt in a Pedestrian Uber Accident, Call Us Today

Compass Law Group has a well-earned reputation for providing superlative client service. We pride ourselves on being not only capable but compassionate. No matter what you are going through, we’re on your side, working our hardest to improve things for you at this immensely challenging time.

Contact our Los Angeles pedestrian rights lawyer today to schedule a free initial consultation.

This list isn’t all-inclusive many personal injury suits have been raised based on different factors that aren’t included above. Our team of Los Angeles car accident attorneys can work on cases without anything out of pocket.

We’re old enough to have the necessary experience, yet young enough to use the most cutting-edge technology and tactics, and are determined enough to fight and outsmart the other side, every time.

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