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Category: Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian Deaths Remain High in Los Angeles Despite Vision Zero Initiative

Why are pedestrian death rates so high in LA? The tragic death of a 91-year-old actor has once again called to light the growing problem of pedestrian safety in Los Angeles.  Orson Bean, who rose to fame in the 1950s and became a familiar face in a wide array of TV game shows and series, […]

DUI Driver Injures 13-Year-Old Boy

If you have children, the last thing you should have to worry about is them getting struck by a drunk driver while they are outside playing. Unfortunately, we know that impaired drivers are everywhere. At the Compass Law Group, our knowledgeable and experienced team is ready to help you get through these situations. Today, our […]

Hit-And-Run Crash Severely Injures Man

When you are out walking in the Los Angeles or surrounding areas, you should not have to worry about getting hit by a driver. Unfortunately, we know pedestrian accidents happen regularly. At the Compass Law Group, we are ready to help. When you need a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer, our knowledgeable and experienced team […]

3 Risk Factors For Pedestrians

Cars are easy. You can get in them at any time and drive them to your destination. Cars are personalized and make you feel safe. When you don’t have the option of a car or public transportation, what do you do? You walk. Pedestrians have certain rights. Our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys at Compass Law Group, […]

Pedestrian Includes Those Who Are Wheelchair Bound

Before the car craze, people would walk everywhere. People walked to work, to get groceries, to school, and for leisure. People walked to get medicine or walked to hunt or fish. Walking was a favored past time and everyone was accustomed to seeing people who walk on paths. Nowadays people don’t walk. They choose to […]

Pedestrians Aren’t Always Walking When They Get Hit

What people hear the term pedestrian they think of someone walking around. They think that a pedestrian is someone who chooses to walk instead of using a vehicle. However, the truth is a pedestrian is simply someone who is not in a vehicle. A pedestrian is someone who is standing outside their house or next […]

It Takes A Village To Find A Hit and Run

Imagine leaving your home to walk to a nearby store to start your Christmas shopping. You have your list and ideas ready to start browsing through the store. You talked with your adult children to make sure that your list is exactly what they want or need. You got to this store all the time. […]

Pedestrian Killed In Bus Incident

Police are investigating an incident in which a 77-year-old transient man was struck by a Samho Tour & Travel bus. Authorities say that the man was struck near the corner of Flower Street and Adams Boulevard and dragged for nearly 900 feet. The casino bus fled the scene but was found in a storage yard […]

Pedestrian Accidents and Crosswalk Injuries: Why Is It So Dangerous to Cross the Road in Los Angeles?

While some pedestrian accidents occur on sidewalks, the vast majority of these collisions occur when a pedestrian is crossing in a crosswalk. A traffic safety report published by the California Department of Public Health in 2017 said that “San Francisco and Los Angeles were the top two counties for non-fatal pedestrian injuries.” Pedestrians are more […]

Pedestrian Dead After Being Hit by Train

Authorities with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department say a pedestrian was on the Expo Line platform of the 17th Street Station on Tuesday, Jan. 15, when he was struck and killed by a train. The early-morning accident resulted in the closure of the Expo Line in downtown Santa Monica to the 26th Street Station and […]

Multiple Pedestrians Injured On South LA Street

The dangers faced by pedestrians are becoming more and more obvious on LA streets each day. Last week, four people were injured after being struck by a sedan at 84th Street and Western Avenue. Three of the four injured were taken to the hospital. One suffered a broken leg. Luckily, authorities say that nobody sustained […]

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