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Category: Catastrophic Accident

Happy Endings For Catastrophic Injuries

People watch sports for different reasons. Some like sports because they enjoy the competition. Some watch sports for talent. Others watch sports because it provides a sense of entertainment. Others watch sports to learn more about the players. Gymnastics is an intensely individual sport. Typically the individuals compromise a team, but it is through their […]

How Long Does A Catastrophic Accident Claim Take?

Patience. It is arguably one of the hardest virtues. Patience is hard because it requires you to take life day by day and sometimes hour by hour. Learning to be patient is never easy. Think of the last time you were really hungry and you had to wait for food? Think about the discomfort. Think […]

Diving Into Catastrophe

When is the last time you jumped off of a diving board? If you aren’t a frequent member of an Olympic style pool or a recreational pool known for its diving team, then the likelihood of seeing or using a diving board is probably slim to none. Why is that? If you look at pool […]

5 Kinds of Burn Injuries

California is known for its forest fires. These natural occurrences are important to our ecosystem. Fire is a natural element, but it can cause a nuisance. If you are near a fire without protective gear you can suffer injuries even if you are not near the open flame. You can suffer injuries from inhaling the […]

Hit-And-run In Koreatown Kills Cyclist

While we all know that there are risks when it comes to riding a bicycle, nobody should have to worry about getting struck by a driver who then flees the scene. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to a bicyclist in Koreatown in late February. On February 20 at around 3:30 a.m., a man in […]

Woman With Blood-Alcohol Content 4 Times Legal Level Causes Injuries

The people dining at a crowded Newhall pizzeria did not expect a vehicle to come crashing into the front of the building recently. Certainly not in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened on March 1. Police say that a woman lost control of her vehicle and then plowed through the […]

Moving Beyond Paralysis

You don’t have to believe in the Judeo-Christian God to believe in miracles. Miracles can happen regardless of what you believe in. Have you ever had such a bad day that you didn’t think anything can turn it around, but then you hear something on the radio or a friend tells you something really uplifting […]

What Is A Catastrophic Injury?

Any accident can turn into a catastrophic injury. Personal Injury Attorneys are those who look after clients who have been injured due to the negligence or recklessness of someone or some party. These accidents typically result in injuries that are tough, but not impossible to get over. For example, if you get into a car […]

Catastrophic Injuries Loom Over Cheerleading World

No one expects an accident. No one wakes up and says today is a good day to get hurt. Accidents are accidents for a reason; no one expects them and no one sees them coming. However, the outcome of these accidents can be incredibly severe and almost always traumatizing. Personal Injury Attorneys are those who […]

Bus Accidents Can Be Catastrophic

A Los Angeles highway was a sight of chaos a few weeks ago when a series of crashes involving multiple cars and a bus happened in the middle of the afternoon. Twenty-five people were taken to the hospital. While most of the injuries were minor, five of them were in serious condition. The accident shut […]

Catastrophic Injury: What Is It, And Do You Have One To Recover Damages?

Many people tend to think that “a catastrophic injury” is an injury sustained in a plane crash or some other catastrophic event, but it is not entirely true. In reality, a wide range of injuries fall into the “catastrophic” category. You may have heard the term “catastrophic injury” or “catastrophic accident” before, but what is […]

From Minor to Catastrophe: We Are On Your Side

There is a beautiful scene in the new Peter Rabbit movie where a rooster is super elated to see the sunrise again. He is so taken aback that the sun has risen again that he must yell to start a new day. We may not wake up every morning with such enthusiasm, but we do […]

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