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Category: CrossWalk Accident

Electric Scooter Rider Killed In Hit-And-Run

We know that there are plenty of things you can get out and do in and around LA. Electric scooters, rideshare bikes, and other forms of transportation are becoming very popular, but we also know they can be dangerous. However, the last thing you expect is that you will be injured due to another person’s […]

Unplanned Injuries Due to DUI

We plan lots of things in our lives. We plan birthdays, weddings, and vacations. We plan on using our money in restaurants and clothing stores. Because, in the end, all we want is to spend time with the ones we love. We want to hang out with family and friends for as long as we […]

How To Walk Without Getting Hit

When teenagers start to drive, parents worry about where they are going, who they are picking up, when they are getting home, and if they will pay attention to the road with all of their friends in the car. Parents want to trust their children, but it is hard. It’s not the teen we worry […]

Truck Jumps Curb Injuring 9

Sidewalks are more than just concrete slabs. It is a legal battleground. Pedestrians are the only ones who can use a sidewalk. Pedestrians and animals. Bicyclists aren’t even allowed to use sidewalks. Skateboards and roller blades are tolerated, but sidewalks are prime pedestrian and pet territory. Rightly, so. Not everyone likes to drive or talk […]

Pedestrian Deaths Surge in Los Angeles

Walking in California, as shown in Hollywood movies, is a dream. The scenes are of people walking alongside the Pacific ocean full of gorgeous people in bathing suits and trendy clothes. Or you see people walking across Rodeo drive or other fancy roads. People are walking freely with Starbucks in hand or a cool cell […]

“Pedestrians Don’t Wear Armor”

Walking should not be a hazard. Walking near open roads should not be a death sentence. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents resulting in deaths are all too common in California. Our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys at Compass Law Group, PC have seen it all. We have represented clients who were hit while innocently walking back to their cars. […]

6 Steps If You’re A Pedestrian Hit By A Car

If you are choosing to walk to work then you are contributing to your health and the health of the environment. Walking is known to reduce blood pressure, alleviate stress, and make you feel better overall. Even though walking may seem like an inconvenience it really isn’t. Cars may disagree. Despite Los Angeles local government […]

Boyle Heights Crash Leaves Injured Pedestrians

When a man attempted to flee the scene of an accident that caused injuries to pedestrians and a bicyclist, nearby good Samaritans were having none of it. A few weeks ago, at around 1 p.m. near the bus stop at First and Chicago streets, Joshua Garcia was in one of two vehicles that collided. His […]

Crash Into Taco Stand Kills 11-Year-Old Girl

Last week, we brought you a story about a man who collided with a Boyle Heights taco stand that sent two people to the hospital with injuries. Now, we bring you another unfortunate story about an incident that occurred nearly one year ago. On November 10, 2017, Joe Louis Perez was driving under the influence […]

Will Prop 7 Make Pedestrians Safer?

California voters made their choice last week. By approving Proposition 7, the state will now likely keep daylight savings time year round. The last step in the measure is in the hands of state legislators who now must take up the issue. Here is the issue – if daylight savings time goes into effect all […]

Truck Slams Pedestrians At Taco Stand

Patrons at a taco stand in Boyle Heights were put into a situation they did not want to be in over the weekend when a truck struck several pedestrians, sending two to the hospital. The LAPD says that the driver told them his brakes went out and he did not see the taco stand when […]

Electric Scooters Companies Accused Of Abetting Assault

A class action lawsuit was filed last week in the Los Angeles County Superior Court on behalf of a group of people who say they were injured by e-scooters. They claim that the companies are “aiding and abetting assault” by failing to protect the public from injury. The lawsuit was filed against e-scooter companies Bird, […]

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