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Category: Product Liability

New Technology & Product Liability Risks

When you get injured by a product, it is a serious matter. It can happen with any product and to anyone. It was the company’s responsibility to make sure that their products have no defects and function as they should. You have a right to file for lawsuit. Sometimes companies act negligently or may even […]

What You Should Know About the Warning Defect Laws in California

You’re eligible for a product liability claim if you’ve ever bought a product from a seller that didn’t work, or worse, caused injury because it didn’t work properly. While there are various kinds of product liability, the one that’s probably talked about the least is a failure to warn consumers. In the state of California, […]

State Of The Art Defense In Product Liability Cases: What Is It And How To Fight It?

State of the art is one of the most common product liability defenses you may run into as an injured consumer, and yet it is also one of the most complicated ones. “Wait, whose art? What state?” you may be wondering. Let us explain in a bit. State of the art is the affirmative defense […]

Bird Scooters Causing an Uproar for Lawmakers and Law Enforcement

A brand new type of electric scooter is popping up in various cities throughout the country, including a few in California and they are causing quite the uproar for lawmakers and law enforcement. The scooters simply appear overnight in what’s being described as ‘nests’ since these transportation devices are being referred to as Bird scooters. […]

Types of Product Defects and a New Bill That May Impact Product Liability

It essential to know when products have been recalled and are no longer safe for use. They could cause serious injury to you or your loved ones. “Product Liability Law” are the legal rules for who is deemed responsible for defective or dangerous products. Companies often get a protective order in order to protect their […]

Product Liability Class Action Lawsuit: The Benefits Of Filing It, And How Long Will It Take To Settle It?

You have probably read about numerous product liability class action lawsuits against major manufacturers that were settled for millions of dollars. So if you have been injured by a defective product, you are probably wondering if it would make sense to look for other consumers who were injured by the same product to team up […]

Consumer Expectation Test vs. Risk Benefit Test: Proving A Design Defect In Product Liability Cases

Under California product liability law, if you have been injured by a defective product, it may be for any of the three reasons: the product has a manufacturing defect, the product has a design defect, or the manufacturer failed to provide an adequate warning or instruction to warn of the danger. Even if the product […]

Hundreds of Vehicle Fires Going Unanswered

Recently, a family from Powhatan, Virginia had the scare of a lifetime. Their son called them while he was driving the family’s Kia Soul and said that he heard a noise and saw smoke. His dad advised him to pull over, which he did immediately. It was a good thing he did, because the whole […]

NutriBullet Blender Safety Comes Into Question as Products Explode

Multiple consumers have alleged that the NutriBullet blender—marketed as being a compact and powerful way to blend foods without losing nutritional value—is dangerous to use, citing incidents where the product exploded after normal use. The blender’s canister is reported to have the ability to build so much pressure that it detaches itself from the rest […]

Pregnant Woman Served Caustic Chemical at Restaurant Causes Panic and Outrage

A six-months-pregnant Kentucky resident received a beverage cup full of degreasing agent when she went to grab a refreshment at First Watch restaurant. Instead of serving her the tea she had asked for, the bus person instead filled her cup with degreaser. The woman noticed a painful feeling and odd taste when she took a […]

Microwave Fires Cause Worry Among Consumers

A Colorado family recently experienced the scare of a lifetime when not one, but two General Electric microwave ovens caught fire while being operated. The appliance was mounted inside of a cupboard designed to house microwave ovens, and when the first fire started—and was, luckily, quickly extinguished—the owner of the appliance got rid of the […]

The Price We Pay for Convenience: Overheating Instant Pot Causes Alarm Among Consumers

For the past several decades, many kitchen and household gadgets have been invented and put on the market. While some of these products could be described as “faddish” at best, other have become common pathways to daily convenience and household staples many people feel they couldn’t live without. From slow cookers to fat-defying grills, technological […]

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