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Los Angeles Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

It, unfortunately, happens daily in California, however, and the aftermath can change lives forever. Los Angeles motor vehicle accident drivers endure are painful both financially, and physically. Police, insurance companies, and other drivers begin a rigorous process of cleaning up, investigating and attempting to pass fault to you, the victim. All seems hopeless at this point.

Do I Need Representation In A Motor Vehicle Accident?

Immediately following an accident, at-fault drivers have an armada of defenses at their disposal. The insurance company, who historically hates paying claims, will pick apart a victim’s account of events leading up to the accident. The insurance company, and quite possibly the at-fault driver, will have attorney representation for one reason: discredit your claim, forcing YOU to pay expenses for an accident you didn’t initiate.

Being involved in a Los Angeles motor vehicle accident is an experience of high costs and there will always be someone defending the perpetrator to avoid paying costs deemed ‘unnecessary’. Risk management is what everyone fighting on the at-fault driver cares about; your injuries, potential loss of income and condition of vehicle post-accident are of little concern to anyone but you, and your family.

Retaining legal services provides victims with tools otherwise not available, or available at exorbitant costs. Compass Law Group, PC can reconstruct accidents, navigate an extensive legal system, initiate skillful negotiation with insurers and other attorneys, and recover much more than victims themselves can.

How Our Accident Attorney Can Help

Our job is simple: prove facts. We start with at-fault driver negligence stemming from intoxication, failing to brake, and so forth. Next, we establish duty: who was supposed to stop, when, why and who shouldered a ‘duty’ to avoid the accident. From this, we establish breach of duty.

Once we’ve proven who breached their duty, there’s probable cause for seeking damages stemming from said breach. You may hear an attorney refer to this as causation, which basically states that an ‘x’ action caused ‘y’ damages to the victim.

The Los Angeles motor vehicle accident attorney you hire has a lasting impact on your case results.

Accident victims have damages to vehicle, person(s), income and will create medical bills. As Compass Law Group, PC can establish causation from cameras in the area and witness statements, we seek all damages afforded under California law. This may include pain, suffering, and in extreme cases, lump-sum payments to widows who must live without their deceased spouse’s income.

Our costs? Nothing out of pocket. Zilch. Attorney fees in vehicle accidents have ‘shifting’ provisions; once fault is established and damages are calculated, reasonable attorney fees are shifted to at-fault party, then added to the total settlement.

Should we fail to settle, you owe us nothing.

What Other Accident Areas Do You Specialize In?

Compass Law Group, PC knows as times change, transportation methods will, too. This means accidents will grow, laws will change, and Los Angeles motor vehicle accidents attorney needs will change in scope.

To learn more about specific types of accidents we’re educated in, experienced to litigate in court and prepared to settle for clients, navigate to the following areas:

We are a full-service accident law firm dedicated to making victims whole again. We charge no fees for case reviews, no money to fight and will do whatever necessary to recover the compensation you deserve.

Contact us immediately if you need assistance after any type of accident.

Practice Areas

This list isn’t all-inclusive; many personal injury suits have been raised based on different factors that aren’t included above. Our team of Los Angeles car accident attorneys can work on cases without anything out of pocket.

We’re old enough to have the necessary experience, yet young enough to use the most cutting-edge technology and tactics, and are determined enough to fight and outsmart the other side, every time.

Need Direction After An Accident?
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No matter who the opposing party is, they can’t outwork, outwit or outspend Compass Law Group, PC. We will do everything that is necessary to win the case, and we’re here to help victims fight back against those who injured them.

Hiring the right personal injury attorney can often make the difference between getting the maximum settlement to account for your medical care, damages and lost wages or getting short changed or even having your case dismissed completely.

Have you been injured in an accident due to the negligence of others? Contact the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at the Compass Law Group, PC because finding direction after an accident means having a great Compass on hand.

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