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Your Personal Injury Case and Court Reopenings in California

What can I do to move my case along now that courts are reopening? During the months of March and April, most courthouses in California closed to all but critical matters and trials were suspended.  Some cases continued to be heard through telephonic court appearances, while other hearings were delayed until the courts reopened.  Now, […]

Pedestrian Deaths Remain High in Los Angeles Despite Vision Zero Initiative

Why are pedestrian death rates so high in LA? The tragic death of a 91-year-old actor has once again called to light the growing problem of pedestrian safety in Los Angeles.  Orson Bean, who rose to fame in the 1950s and became a familiar face in a wide array of TV game shows and series, […]

School Bus Driver Offers Remorse For Crash

If you are a parent, then we know you will do everything in your power to protect your kids. However, you cannot be by their side every second and you trust people, like their bus drivers, to keep them safe. Unfortunately, we know that school bus crashes happen. Today, we want to talk about an […]

Tips For Searching For Personal Injury Attorney

Have you ever tripped over your own feet? It is so embarrassing. People come to help you up as you try your best to brush off the dirt from your knees. There was no injury other than a few bruises. Now, imagine walking down a sidewalk with your baby in your hands. The sidewalk is […]

4 Reasons To Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

The legal world of personal injury can get really complicated, really fast. First, there are so many categories of personal injury that you may not know where your injury fits best. Second, personal injury requires that you meet certain elements of negligence. Depending on the category of your injury, your legal team will more than […]

6 Top Personal Injury Categories

If you or someone you love has been injured due to the negligence of someone or some party, you may be searching for a personal injury attorney. Personal Injury Attorneys are amazing advocates who ensure that you are getting treated fairly by the person is responsible for your injury. When searching for a personal injury […]

Look For A Personal Injury Attorney That Matches Your Situation

Lawyers don’t always have the best reputation. Some lawyers are known for swindling their clients. Some are known for ghosting their clients when the going gets tough. Other lawyers are known for working too slowly and not getting the right paperwork in order. Word of mouth is typically the best way to get a feel […]

Personal Injury Is Injuries Due To Negligence

Personal Injury covers a wide spectrum of situations. Personal Injury is when someone suffers an injury from some person or party’s negligence. Someone or party acts in such a way that someone who just exist suffers an injury from those actions. A person would not have suffered such injuries but for the person who was […]

Can Playdates Lead To Personal Injury?

When you have kids, you do everything you can to keep them safe when they are in your care. That is why it is so scary when they are with someone else. Despite our best efforts, we cannot keep our kids in an invisible safety bubble. There are many places that we leave our kids […]

Can You Sue the State of California for a Personal Injury?

Most personal injury claims are cut and dry. Someone injures you, the liable party is identified, and your personal injury attorney files a claim against them, usually with the at-fault party’s insurer. But what happens when the liable party is the state of California, either a governmental agency or an employee of the state acting […]

Can I Sue If I Cause an Accident?

The short answer is “maybe.” It is not always the case that an accident victim is 100 percent responsible for his or her injuries following a car accident, bike accident, slip and fall or other accident. Recognizing this, the state of California has what is known as a Comparative Fault or Comparative Negligence law. Under […]

Personal Injury: A Much Broader Category

The Compass Law Group is compromised of two esteemed lawyers: Simon Esfandi and Joseph Shirazi. These attorneys and their teams understand the complexity of the law as well as the complexity of injuries and accidents. In order to better serve the community of Los Angeles County, the Compass Law Group has provided an easy search […]

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