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“Pedestrians Don’t Wear Armor”

Walking should not be a hazard. Walking near open roads should not be a death sentence. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents resulting in deaths are all too common in California. Our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys at Compass Law Group, PC have seen it all. We have represented clients who were hit while innocently walking back to their cars. […]

3 Risk Factors For Pedestrians

Cars are easy. You can get in them at any time and drive them to your destination. Cars are personalized and make you feel safe. When you don’t have the option of a car or public transportation, what do you do? You walk. Pedestrians have certain rights. Our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys at Compass Law Group, […]

Pedestrians Struck By Alleged Drunk Driver

In what was sure to have been one of the scariest moments of many people’s lives, an incident in Fullerton has us questioning exactly what spaces are safe anymore. Earlier in February, police responded to reports of a Toyota Tacoma driving onto a sidewalk and slamming into multiple pedestrians. The scene before police when they […]

Woman With Blood-Alcohol Content 4 Times Legal Level Causes Injuries

The people dining at a crowded Newhall pizzeria did not expect a vehicle to come crashing into the front of the building recently. Certainly not in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened on March 1. Police say that a woman lost control of her vehicle and then plowed through the […]

Pedestrian Includes Those Who Are Wheelchair Bound

Before the car craze, people would walk everywhere. People walked to work, to get groceries, to school, and for leisure. People walked to get medicine or walked to hunt or fish. Walking was a favored past time and everyone was accustomed to seeing people who walk on paths. Nowadays people don’t walk. They choose to […]

Pedestrians Aren’t Always Walking When They Get Hit

What people hear the term pedestrian they think of someone walking around. They think that a pedestrian is someone who chooses to walk instead of using a vehicle. However, the truth is a pedestrian is simply someone who is not in a vehicle. A pedestrian is someone who is standing outside their house or next […]

It Takes A Village To Find A Hit and Run

Imagine leaving your home to walk to a nearby store to start your Christmas shopping. You have your list and ideas ready to start browsing through the store. You talked with your adult children to make sure that your list is exactly what they want or need. You got to this store all the time. […]

Will Prop 7 Make Pedestrians Safer?

California voters made their choice last week. By approving Proposition 7, the state will now likely keep daylight savings time year round. The last step in the measure is in the hands of state legislators who now must take up the issue. Here is the issue – if daylight savings time goes into effect all […]

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